Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-27

  • sometimes i'm so lonely that the only thing i can do is talking to the moon.. #
  • I knew you loved him, but you were too fat so i chased him anyway…and had him…and didnt even feel bad #

12 thoughts on “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-27”

  1. dont blame the fat…you dont know … he was obviously not right for you …good luck you will find love i guarantee

  2. @ the 2nd one. That is stupid reasoning. Coming from a girl who was cheated on by every single boy she dated, if you are SO much better than her that you think you deserved him more, why didn’t you already have a boyfriend?:|

  3. sometimes i pretend that the stars represent the souls of people i love whom i’ve either lost or lost contact with. i talk to them all the time. i wish i could convince myself to grow up and just get some real friends.

  4. if someones sharing their secret its obviously something they’ve put a lot of thought into . a bitch would be somebody that wouldn’t give doing that a second thought or care. obviously she cares, and i don’t see any of you putting your secrets out there so you can all shove it. you have no right to call someone a bitch in a forum like this.

  5. Someone out there is listening to what you say. His name is Jesus Christ. Invite him in your life, your heart. You will feel lonely no more. I promise.

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