Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-20

  • Can't you see that girl you love is just a carbon copy of me? Why can't you love me? #
  • If I hadn't text you that morning, would you have stayed in your lane and seen the other car coming? I am terrified you died bc of me. #
  • I still love him. I sleep with his ohio state sweatshirt and I dream that he'll want me to take him back. #

3 thoughts on “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-20”

  1. Maybe he has something of yours he sleeps with. like the soft pillow you left with him. He might want you back as well you just dont know it. Maybe if you “Read” it the right way and listen to your heart you will find the answers. Seek out your desire and you shall find his.

  2. I have so many of my ex fiancés Ohio state clothing. I hold it so dear to me even though I have been with my current boyfriend for over two years. The fiancé moved to Texas for me whenever we got out of high school in 2005…and it was so fairy tale like until he started getting into legal trouble. He eventually got himself in so much double he got sentenced to prison and I just knew that if he couldn’t take care of himself, he couldn’t take care of me. I will always love I’m but I have to love myself more. I am also head over heels for my current boyfriend, nick. How is it possible to love two people at once. Texas still loves you Ohio.

  3. Posted on I agree the cheese who stnads alone is sort of the winner in the game! And the rat didn’t even GET the cheese? How mean! The older versions of things are always better.

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