Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-01

  • is it wrong to love someone sooo much , yet love the feelin of attention from other guys? #
  • Stupid me. I thought working hard would make my life better. It just made me too tired to do anything other than work. #
  • Sometimes I wonder what is even the point of even existing #
  • I have serious urges to smoke. Almost like i've been smoking for 20 years. I've never someked. i'm 13. #
  • Everyday I dream about falling in love again and be loved in return. Because my boyfriend doesn't love me anymore.. #
  • I am mad at myself. Why aren't the women I am attracted to not attracted to me? DAMN IT!!!! #
  • I'm in love with a man who's 12 yrs older than me. I have a bf, I don't feel guilty, and they don't know. #

5 thoughts on “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-01”

  1. I know how you feel about working. I quit my labor intensive job to move back in with my parents at age 24 because it was literally making me sick. It sucks but now i can relax and get healthy again. hang in there.

  2. *is it wrong to love someone sooo much , yet love the feelin of attention from other guys?*

    I feel the same way…
    I feel like I am cheating… so I stopped… and I miss it.

  3. I feel the same way about wanting attention from other guys despite the fact that I live with my boyfriend of two years and we are completely happy together. It’s just that some times I want that rush that comes with a new romance. The kind where you can’t get your hands off of each other. That’s one thing I miss while in such a stable relationship. Does anyone else feel that same way…if so, how do you deal with it?

  4. Michelle I feel the exact same way. It’s almost like a drug. I miss the butterflies and anticipation and the not knowing. I love my boyfriend so so much and honestly don’t ever want to be without him but I entirely understand what you mean. I’ve been with him 2 and a half years and we live together and are happy but that rush is missing and sometimes I look at him and feel so guilty.

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