Sometimes I think it’s my fate

Sometimes I think it's my fate

Sometimes I think it’s my fate

To be nothing more than a weighted companion cube

13 Comments on “Sometimes I think it’s my fate

  1.  by  Samantha

    I played this game with the boy I’m in love with.
    That companion cube brings back great memories.

  2.  by  Ally

    I feel like that too…Like I just give and give and give and anyone will just drop me if it’s convenient to them without a second thought…

  3.  by  Mary

    There’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone loves the companion cube :]

  4.  by  nobody

    my boyfriend calls me his cake.
    i asked him if he meant that i was a lie.
    he said it’s because he loves me more than a fat kid.

  5.  by  megs

    Lmao… not a the way u feel, but cause I love this game and knw u must have a great since of humor!

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