Sometimes I sit in the rain

Sometimes I sit in the rain

Sometimes I sit in the rain

Because I feel it washes away my mistakes

28 Comments on “Sometimes I sit in the rain

  1.  by  Laura

    I sit in the rain because I think it makes me tougher.

  2.  by  melissa

    I always feel like it cleanses my spirit from all of the toxins life throws at me!

  3.  by  Flash

    I feel tougher standing or walking through a thunderstorm wearing sunglasses.

  4.  by  jonie

    i feel like it rids me of the pain inside of me:) my heart goes out to all of you! stay strong and remember to eat breakfast!!

  5.  by  ray

    God loves you my friend, and he will wash away your mistakes

  6.  by  J

    I like the rain because it makes me wet and cold and uncomfortable and this feeling is nice when it matches my insides… I’m glad many people like the rain.

  7.  by  SKS

    When I’m so sad and desperately want to be hugged, I stand in rain or under shower to get over with my pain. It’s so comforting.

  8.  by  Nikki

    I do this to the longest I’ve been out there was two years ago. I never thought anyone else did it too.

  9.  by  Lauren

    I stand in the rain because I feel like it makes everything new, and if I stand there long enough I feel band new.

  10.  by  ella

    awww That is such a cute response!
    Rain is great, in so many ways. It makes me feel… fresher, no matter how I was feeling before it rained. 🙂

  11.  by  skyler

    OMG! i thought i was the only person who felt this way. whenever it rains, i think that god is washing away my mistakes and its just so refreshing. i love 2 listen to the rain. i feel like it replenishes my soul=]

  12.  by  Amelia Turner

    I like to walk in the rain because no one call tell that I’m crying…

  13.  by  strawberrykisses

    I used to dance in the rain because I swore i was forgiven afterwards.

  14.  by  stefanie

    i love the rain because of this. i’m glad to not be the only one.

  15.  by  margo

    I love siting in the rain its where some of my favorite memories have been formed in regards to my relationship with Christ and its where often surrender happens

  16.  by  annalise

    sometimes i walk in the rain, hoping i’ll get hit by lightning.
    if it actually did, and i lived, it’d be a great story to tell.
    if i died, maybe then you’d wish you had forgiven me when you had the chance.

  17.  by  Kandance

    Sometimes, it really does give me the feeling that every mistake i made will go away for the time being. But at the end of the day it still haunts me.

  18.  by  Trisha

    Sometimes I sit in the rain so no one will notice my tears…

  19.  by  Ash

    It makes me feel like its washing away pain and doing all the crying for me…

  20.  by  Anna

    I can relate to that. I’ve made more than my fair share of mistakes and sitting in the rain or shower helps.

    I got dumped a week ago and I lost a friend two days ago. Life sucks right now but it’ll turn around.

  21.  by  Amber

    I sit in tub with the shower on for the same reason.

  22.  by  blah

    I sit in the rain so no one knows I’m crying.

  23.  by  Stacey

    There’s something beautiful and almost magical about rain. When it falls, every worry, doubt, and regret fall to the pavement with it.It’s good to appreciate the rain and release some negative energy, but do not let it envelop you as to prevent you from moving forward. It is good to reflect on the past so you do not make the same mistakes twice, but do not dwell on what could have or should have been. Everything happens for a reason.

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