37 thoughts on “Sometimes I dream you’re begging for another chance”

  1. OH YES!! my dream just came to reality…. after him cheating on me and getting the girl pregnant he comes to me and wants me back, im waiting for the right moment to say HELL NO! YOU SCREWED THINGS UP 🙂

  2. Maybe its not you he wants back, Maybe just Maybe he just feels guilty for corupting such a beauitiful human being that you still cross his mind in regert.

  3. I feel the same way, actually. However, I’ve realized that day may never come and it’s okay because worrying about it isn’t even worth our damn time.

  4. I hope the girl that left me and cheated on another guy in college sees this and the memory of what we had tortures her and rips at her heart for as long as we both shall live, I will never let her back into my life and I wish to God I have the chance to standup to her one day and tell her how much I regret meeting her and falling in love

  5. you guys 🙁 member i said i had my dream come true!! well instead of tellin him off…. i fell for him again… i need to hate him for wat he did!!! wat do i do???

    HELP!!! i want to tell him to F… off but i cant 🙁

  6. I feel if it was me i wouldnt be able to tell him off. I have been in love with this guy since 4th grade, and as much as he hurt me i could see me going back to him… but i truly wish he would see what he missed out on, and at least say sorry for the pain i caused you. not only say it but mean it.

  7. N.A – a second chance is a wonderful christmas gift =)

    as humans we dont “need to hate”, but we do need to love. Give him one more chane, then if he stuffs up again tell him to fuck off and don’t come a’knockin.

    luck! xxx

    hope things work out. remember, breaking his heart won’t heal yours xxx

  8. hey its N.A

    THANKS for the support…. but ur goin to hate me for saying this…

    i got a bf 🙁 i know i know i know iknow… its bad!!! im just a bad person now..

    i feel worse than wat he did to me!! 🙁

  9. thanks 🙂 and i am very happy with my bf.. we are gettin married soon… i guess seeing my ex just brought memories back.. but i realized that he is not worth it.. n my current bf is a million times better than him !! i couldnt be happier 😀

    thanks for responding to my comments i appreciate it big time

  10. I’m sorry, I know PS is supposed to be a peaceful place, but you’re a fucking idiot. In October you said fuck him, in November you were taking him back, & in December you’re getting married to someone else??? Geez… we wonder why the divorce rate is so high.

  11. This is exactly what i want to happen, but i know it never will, he didnt care about me he faked it the lot of it. he has a new girlfriend and has now change so so much, yet last night he told me he loved me still he cheated on me twice only once that he knows i know about and possibly even more than that. i loved him more than anything in my life. but if he told me he wanted me back i would go with him and instance. god it hurts so much to hate and love someone with all your heart.

  12. It’s never as satisfying as you imagine.

    I’m not saying you shouldn’t dream, just that in cases like this, the dreams are usually better.

  13. I also dream that he is begging for another chance but I don’t think I could say no…I would take him back no matter how much he hurt me…i miss him….

  14. I just had this happen to me a few days ago!
    He (the ex) called me and asked me to come over right out of the blue, it had been three months and we hadn’t even talked during that time.
    He tells me, come over.. I want you… I need you.. baby..
    It felt good to say, I’m dating someone else that I really care about and I’m not going to risk loosing that because”you need me” and you want to get lucky! – BTW my new boy friend is the best lover I’ve ever had!

    So, I sent him a porn clip in a text message and told him to take care of his own needs!

    *laughing* Now that’s closure! Thats how I roll…

  15. Hahaha, my life story! All I can say is, for all the heartbreak I’ve been through, karma should be extra bitchy when it comes time for him to get what he has coming.

  16. my ex got a girl pg after we broke up from a 3 year relationship. 3 years after we broke up I began getting calls from him. One night I got a call at 3:30 in the morning telling me how wonderful of a person I truely am….and I would’ve been a good mom…. and I told him it pisses me the f*CK off that he is calling me at 3:30 in the morning… 😀

  17. he fucked on of my best friends. what an arse. and her. just proved how little i needed him.

  18. Just fyi: Everybody told me that you were a delusion and i believed them…at least I did until last July. All I needed was to be re-assured that it was once real and I guarantee I probably would have begged for another chance because for the longest time that was all that I wanted. The one thing I still don’t understand is why you never called me…not even to see how I was doing, but nobody else did either. That really hurt and made it hard to believe that you ever cared about me at all. Do you realize that you never actually told me anything at all? I would call you, but I don’t feel like waiting at least a month for you to respond or getting no response at all. You wrote that you regretted missing out on each other’s lives, but you’ve made no effort to prove that you actually meant that. I drove myself crazy trying to figure out if it was real, but I was too scared to ask you because I couldn’t stand the though of it all being my imagination. I guess it’s my fault for believing their lies and not fixing it when I had a chance.

  19. not to mention “i’m only nice to you because i’m afaid you’re going to shoot up the school”

  20. oh i’m a poet and i write poetry like after a break up talking about how they want me back but screw them. I think a lot of the time even in music that’s the case. Because, believe it or not before they were famous I’m sure they were dumped and unwanted by someone that made them feel that way. funny huh?

  21. My ex did come crawling back.. while he was with the girl he left me for. I told him to fuck off and that he had no right to try and come back into my life. He lost me and hes never getting me back. Most freeing moment of my entire life.

  22. I just found out yesterday that you cheated… with her. After i took you back. Wow and r u screwing her right now cuz you didn’t answer when i called… You 2 deserve eachother you really do. I’m not sad i guess you were always this way even when i met you that’s too bad. When you wonder why things never work out for you remember me and everything i said and did for you. I never want anything to do with you…
    You disgust me.
    Fuck U!

  23. I love this! I was with my ex for 4 years and I finally left when he slapped me in the face! At times I miss him but I think I mostly miss the security of someone always being there..He already had a new girlfriend after like 3 weeks, but all I have to tell her is there is a NO RETURN POLICY! I would love to tell him to FUCK OFF one last time!

  24. I will never forget when my ex and I broke up. 2 days later, he gave me that “I miss you. I’m not the same without you blah blah blah bull shit.” All I said was, “I’m too good for you,” and walked away.

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