I took this picture the day after I found out you cheated on me…

I took this picture the day after I found out you cheated on me...

I took this picture the day after I found out you cheated on me… It reminds me that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL WITHOUT YOU.

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  1.  by  nalfaro89

    when i go to the place where i found he was cheating on me , i think back and i get a lil up set but the i say if it wasnt for him cheating on me i would of never found my TRUE LOVE 🙂

  2.  by  SlippedHalo

    Good for you. I am glad that you are moving on with life. Alwyas stay true to yourself.

    Beautiful picture that you took.

  3.  by  Victoria Sobocki

    Beautiful! And that’s how it should be! :’)

  4.  by  amanda

    Wow, that picture is absolutely gorgeous. I’m happy for you, whoever you are.

  5.  by  Amy

    Beautiful secret…
    I wish I could see it like you do =(

  6.  by  poopy

    i took a picture similar to this the day i touched my bumhole.
    it was nice.
    om nom nom.
    now i look at the photo whenever i want to relive the experience.

  7.  by  Lindsey

    thanks for posting this it made my day. i hope i start to feel the same way.

  8.  by  Bryn

    Such a beautiful picture. Praying for the day I’ll feel this way. Seems like it’ll never happen. I’m so tired of the pain.

  9.  by  Me again

    How can I love someone who I never knew honestly?

  10.  by  Mari

    Wow… I never thought this would actually make it onto the site. I submitted this secret. It’s been a little over 2 years since I took that picture. Everyone who said they hope they feel the same as me someday, just know that you WILL. It’s so hard, but in the end, letting go is worth it. I’ll pray that each of you find the peace that I have. Even if it does hurt now and then.

  11.  by  Zomb

    I just found out I was cheated on by the one I was hopelessly in love with. He wants to make things work but doesn’t want to deal with my pain at the same time…I love him so much but I don’t want to keep putting myself through this…it hurts. I hope one day I can heal too.

  12.  by  Kelly Alexa Silva

    wow this post secret is so powerful and it gives me strength.
    it turned my night around.
    why are we so dependent of others anyways.

  13.  by  charlotte

    the day he told me the truth the sky was beautiful.

  14.  by  Sophie

    This secret makes me feel SO strong! It’s almost like the world knows when the truth is being told & the clouds break & let a little sunshine in.
    I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me 2 years ago.
    I left him & it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, but I never regret it.
    I’ve grown up so much, and have seen the world.
    I stare out at the Canadian Rockies every morning, and know in my heart when he told me, that was the exact moment my life changed…for the better!
    So, THANK-YOU!

  15.  by  cspgirl

    What a beautiful secret to share. I wish I could feel that way. I can’t even find the strength to take a picture, or to see how beautiful life may be without him. Even though it’s painfully obvious that my life before was a lie. Good luck to you, I’ll be checking back on this secret to hopefully remind myself there is always a tomorrow. 🙂

  16.  by  Breonna

    This proves my theory. Anyone who’s lover is unfaithful will find out. When they do , they’re not always so heartbroken and hurt. We can find away to get over it and we will show them that our life doesn’t revolve around them!

  17.  by  bloom

    It was a year ago this week that I found out that my high school sweat-heart, best friend for 20 years, mother of my two children, and wife of 13 years, cheated on me.

    It has been one and a half years since the affaire… it was a two night stand, on a business trip with a peer from another state. She was not drunk when she did it.. it was premeditated and agreed to by both.

    Up until that time neither of us had ever had sex with anyone else, this remains true for me. She continued the affaire via facebook after their original trist until I found out.

    He is also married with a young daughter…. They had unprotected sex, and now my wife and I both have a high risk form of HPV from him.

    There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about it… it used to be minute by minute, then hour by hour… now it is day to day….. I love my wife… She has harmed me like no one else ever could.

    To make things work your true love has to own up to the guilt.

    And it time you must let it go…. It is hard for the victim to not harp on the offender. I know.. I struggle with it daily…. But, If you are both committed it can work…. I will forever carry my scars… but the love was there first… and we are working to re-build.

    All my best.

    – B

  18.  by  Nikita

    This is awesome. To whomever made this:

    I hope you are happy now and with someone that deserves you and makes you feel loved

  19.  by  maryM

    I feel the same, I can do things i never do, I listen music, I can take care of myself,I read I write, it feel so precious it my life and it beautiful.

  20.  by  ttt

    Dear Mari, you post secret made a difference. It is a gem. Thank you.

  21.  by  Hopeless

    The ‘other woman’ was my best friend. I’ve still never trusted another guy and it ruins all my relationships now.

  22.  by  Amanda

    I remember the exact details of the day I told him I cheated on him. It crushed him but left me relieved.

  23.  by  Don's Fool

    I was such a fool to believe he would be faithful. He is lying, cheating trash and will always be lying, cheating trash. I am so fortunate to be free of him and to have it end when it did…I could have made an even bigger mistake! Thankfully he is visiting his lies and cheating on some other poor idiot who.

  24.  by  kaylanne91

    beautiful. I’ve also been cheated on, and at first it was the most painful thing. I thought my heart was going to just stop, but then i realized something. Once i got past the pain, life is so much better without him. No one deserves to be treated like that, and i know i deserve much better

  25.  by  herart less


  26.  by  hehee

    i like the way you say “bumhole”

  27.  by  d

    this really touched me for some reason… well done and i love your photograph

  28.  by  Breonna Thomas

    Well, maybe you dont need to be in a relatonship right now.I think you know that it’s not really fair to this new guy in your life, if you dont trust him because of someone else that hashurt you. When Ihad been cheated on, I took time out from the world and focused on meat that moment. maybe you should do the same….. 🙂

  29.  by  JayAye

    My boyfriend never technically ‘cheated’, in the sence of having a sexual relationship. But while I was home, pregnant with his child, he would drive an hour to see his “friend” and not return until between 3 and 6 in the morning. He crushed me. When our daughter was born it was like a light went off in his head, realizing that things had to change or he was going to lose everything, including his child. He only went to visit her once more, assumingly to end it. I stayed with him because he was my first love, my only love, and the father of my only child. We are now engaged, planning another child, and most important – amazingly happy. Remember, things can change. Never give up hope. There is no perfect relationship, every one needs work. I hope this will help someone. Keep your chin up and never forget – life is what you make of it.

  30.  by  DoItAnyway

    You can’t. You realize you only loved the person you thought they were.

  31.  by  anonymous

    Your blog reminds me of why I cheated. Thank you. I now have a new life with the girl I cheated with. We broke up both of our families and they will probably never truly forgive us. It was one of the most selfish things I could’ve ever done but in the end- it was so worth it. Six years later, my kids still love me; my exwife remarried. My kids will never have any kind of relationship with my girlfriend. Her kids will not talk to me. Her exhusband is still pissed. And she will not marry me because her first marriage was so bad. Doesn’t want to be legally tied to anyone ever again. Oh yeah. So worth it.

  32.  by  gregk

    I have discovered that everyone cheats love monogamy and faithfulness are all theoretical pipedreams

  33.  by  Krich

    I was flipping through these and I realized that this picture looks familiar. It looks familiar because I live there. And that was my random coincidence for the day.
    As for the secret, whoever wrote this, you are beautiful, too. Don’t forget that.

  34.  by  Stu @Mor Manufacturing

    The picture that you were post is great, love the view,its good to know that you get over, thanks for sharing your stories and keep it up!

  35.  by  Michelle

    This was such a beautiful secret to come across. I also love everyones honest and very personal stories that they shared. I for one do believe it is imossible for humans to remain completely and 100 percent monogamous for a entire life time because it is only natural to yearn for other humans but it is how we deal with it that is what makes us or breaks us. I am all for being open and honest with my significant other so that we can share experiences together. I think it builds a string relationship to acknowledge our lust or feelings for others.

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