I told myself I wouldn’t eat until you called

I told myself I wouldn't eat until you called

I told myself I wouldn’t eat until you called

I lost ten pounds

9 Comments on “I told myself I wouldn’t eat until you called

  1.  by  linuxshoe

    i hope they call.
    i know what its like.
    and i’m still waiting.

  2.  by  Victoria Sobocki

    Oh my god…. :O First I didn’t get it, but now…. I hope they’re gonna call. Really.

  3.  by  Morringhan

    i kno what that feels like… i lost 20lbs n would have kept going if i didnt end up at the hospital.
    he still hasnt called

  4.  by  strawberrykisses

    i’ve lost many pounds this way…..there is this amazing website, blogspot…..google something fishy and you’ll find it…..

    And the worst part about this is, like anyone who has been there….we would havve waitied for ever for them to call, and WE SWEAR that if we just don’t eat they will somehow know how beautiful we have become in the days of no contact-but they don’t-they never will….and you need to learn to beautiful for yourself…and beauty is NOT found in a mirror.


  5.  by  alex

    i’m a dude in this position for the first time… 29 years old… and she does call, sometimes, but i still don’t know if she cares. i suddenly have a lot of sympathy for girls in this situation. sex and the city would advise us that he/she “just isn’t that into” us. seems like straightforward wisdom. cerrtainly from a guy’s perspective, if i’m not calling it’s because i’m not interested. believe it and move on. (but should i take my own advice haha…?)

  6.  by  leah

    Please get help….I’ve been through this for the last 6 months and I finally told someone after losing 27 pounds. I know how hard it is to admit you may have a problem but I swear that you WILL get better if you can just work up the courage to get some help.
    I’m in counseling and have a wonderful guy friend that is with me through it all…..doctors and counseling and trusted friends DO help and you are beautiful and worth it. 🙂
    I don’t even know your name, but I hope and pray that both you and this boy realize how much you’re hurting and deserve to have some attention.
    love and hugs!! I know what you’re going through. <3

  7.  by  nena

    i swore i wouldnt sleep til he called…i collapsed on the 4th day but it took two more weeks of waiting.

  8.  by  Really

    If you lost 10lbs waiting for someone to call…

    or are ‘still’ waiting…

    they’re not going to call. move on.

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