30 thoughts on “I some times wish she had died…”

  1. This is how I feel about my ex boyfriend, as bad as it sounds. It’s just too hard to move on knowing he’s still out there in the world, and I can’t be with him.

  2. i know exactly how you feel…i either dream of her coming back to me (which won’t ever happen) or that she dies so no one else can have her…

  3. I have the exact same feeling. And I’m going through it right now. But mine is a guy. I love him a lot. He was a best friend from elementary school to high school. It feels odd to hang with his friends now. And it gets harder when I see him everyday and it’s hard to see him leave also.

  4. I feel that way about my ex I took care of him through really agressive chemo.. he got better and left me for the crack whore that he had by my birthday cake the day after my birthday. its been 8 years now I just try to pretend he is dead

  5. I get how some one might be torn up about their partner leaving, but I don’t think until you have experienced your partner dieing that you could understand how hard it would be.
    Personally, I would much rather my boyfriend leave me then him die.

  6. I understand this, if taken sort of lightly. The feeling of heartbreak is the worst feeling in this world. And the thought of them being with someone else is even worse. It’d almost be easier to DEAL with death then DEALING with rejection and hurt.

  7. Mine did die and it is no easier I assure you. Never a chance to be together again, hear her, see her, smell her, touch her … gone. I’d rather she be happy somewhere else, at least I’d know that might eventually fail and she’d come back to me. No, you wouldn’t prefer she was dead, you just don’t know a lifetime of second guessing, pain and heartache when every thought of her is that you can never make up now. You might know 2 year’s pain at most but I’m going on 10 and don’t let anyone tell you that you get over a death, you don’t always. I’d rather be dead myself than have to know she is gone forever.

  8. I cant cope without him
    I dont even know how I did when we were together
    If he was happy, I could let it go, but hes misrable and that KILLS me

  9. I feel that way about a lot of people I have ever loved whether they be best friends who no longer want me in their lives or ex lovers

  10. i feel the same way…every time i wake up and realize she really did leave me for that other girl. i still find it hard to believe she can go on without me..i guess i expect her to be just as lost without me as i am without her.

  11. Never wish that, my fiancee died and I wish he would have left me instead of being dead, that way I wouldn’t feel this horrible pain that I feel and that I would have some sort of closure.

  12. I had a break up like that. A few years later I still hadn’t gotten over him and he came back and said he wanted to be my friend again. I told him how I really felt, that I wished he had died. It didn’t really seem to affect him. Now he’s married and I’m dating the greatest guy ever. We still talk every day.

  13. Judging from what I’ve experienced and what I’ve watched other people go through, death is just as difficult to deal with as being left, and a lot more permanent.

  14. I feel the same. I wish he died when I still thought he loved me. Before I found out that everything he told me since we were friends til the very night before he left was a lie. Because it hurts so much more to know my life is ruined while he’s fine. And to know that he told his friends and our mutual friends untruths about me. Its because of him I struggle every day to get by. I struggle with feelings of missing my lost child. And that now I think that all malay guys are about sex and lies.

  15. You’ll only think that until they are gone for good, and you can truly never repair things. Life leads to possibility. Never forget that.

  16. When I found out he hadn’t died, I was relieved. I could finally stop blaming myself.

    Trust me. It’s better they aren’t dead.

  17. I feel exactly like this. I would have moved on a lot easier if he would have died than finding out all about his cheating.

  18. Trust me….death of a lover is so much harder than breaking up. My fiance passed away and its the hardest thing i’ve ever gone through, because there is no possibility of ever seeing him again.

  19. I promise you it’s better like that. my boyfriend died a year ago. and I’ll never live gain. I have so much regrets. And I’ll pass my life hoping I could talk to him cause I have so many things to say to him.

  20. its been over a year since my gf left me. not a day has gone by when i want her back. now that she is with another guy it just makes it that much harder to cope with. loving someone and having them not love you back is the worst felling ever.

  21. I wish my EX died. He is a liar and truly mislead me. I went through so much to keep this man in my life. I was with him for 5 years and he claimed he just wanted space. I later learned that he rekindle with his high school girlfriend…was with her for month and had a baby on the way. I know we will never ever be friends or in a relationship but the pain I felt when I fought deeply for our relationship and watch him give a chick all I ever wanted in months is hard. I hate him so much that I rather get a phone call and hear he drove off a bridge and died.

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