Every day I go to bed

Every day I go to bed

Every day I go to bed, I always wish I’d die in my sleep

111 Comments on “Every day I go to bed

  1.  by  Brawrbrawr

    I cant tell you how long I’ve gone to bed wishing that maybe I wouldn’t wake up in the morning.

  2.  by  judie

    I share this secret with you. For as long as I can remember.

  3.  by  C

    everytime something horrible happens, or if I think of the worst case scenario, I always think: “well if I can’t cope, then I’ll kill myself.”

    ..I’m a student psychiatric nurse due to graduate next year. How can I look after mentally ill people when I don’t know how to look after my own mental health?

  4.  by  the sad and angry girl

    i so know what you mean ! i just want to smoke a big weed joint and have the sleep of my life and not wake up ! beats going to a job i hate with people i want to kill and get paid fuck all to do everything !

  5.  by  the sad and angry girl

    no one worth knowing ! you sounds like me ! fuck you rock !

  6.  by  STR

    I feel like everyones lives would be better without me here, including mine. I can’t handle life, and no one can handle me.

  7.  by  Whit

    You are WORTH it.
    Someone LOVES you.
    You are BEAUTIFUL.
    You are STRONG.
    The world NEEDS you.

  8.  by  Natasha

    There is always always always something to be thankful for. Make life a little easier, be able to laugh at yourself and your rude coworkers, focus on little things that make your day bright, (and let them brighten your day, I promise you they are thee)

  9.  by  Blue

    I know how you feel…. I always wish this….

  10.  by  Wahida

    My post secret is here to haunt me again 🙁 5years later and I am still wishing to die in my sleep 🙁

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