Dear Great-Uncle Wayne

Dear Great-Uncle Wayne

Dear Great-Uncle Wayne

I wanted to let you know, I’m sorry. I’m sorry you were disowned from our family because you were gay. I’m sorry that you were alone in your fight against AIDS. Most people in our family don’t even know you exited. You died long before I was born, but for what it’s worth, I accept you for who you were.

Unlike my grandmother, I don’t think you’re rotting in hell.

– Tasha

54 thoughts on “Dear Great-Uncle Wayne”

  1. I had an uncle just like this. He passed away…about 8 years before I was born. It was believed to b AIDS and the only ones there for him were my mother and her mother (my grandmother). They’ve all passed on now, RIP And I love and miss you all.

  2. I first saw this picture almost two years ago, when it was first posted. I think you, Tasha, are the most incredible person. I wish I could meet you. I literally almost cry everytime I read this. I’ve been fighting for gay marriage for a little over three years now. I’m pansexual, but I’ve openly dated girls, in a very unaccepting community. It hurts when nobody’s there for you. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to go through something like AIDS alone. I love you, and I love your uncle. Thank you for doing this, because people like you are exactly what the world needs.

  3. My great uncle dick died of aids before i was born. I have a huge family, grandma had 10 kids, they all think your rotting in hell and dont talk about you, jus so you know I don’t and I like girls when I told my dad he said if I chose to be with a girl i’d go to hell

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