Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-20

  • When my ex-girlfriend comes over, I'd like to think we make love, but deep down I know we're just screwing… #
  • I act like I know who I am… but I really have no clue. #
  • I hate my best friend's husband simply because he's boring and unhealthy. #
  • my 7 yr old caught me masterbating and i didnt stop. i am terrified he remembers it and will tell someone when he gets older #
  • I'm in love with someone i shouldn't be in love with…..because i already know he will never love meb back. #

5 thoughts on “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-20”

  1. i am in the same position, just that i am the ex, i pretend we make love and that he will realize just how much he loves me, and has missed me… nothing ever happens, still i don´t want it to stop, i prefer to be close to him that way than never having him…

  2. to da person dat dosnt kno who dey are, just a word of advice well its not lyk im da one to take advice from, but u chould consider it,lyf isnt about fynding ueself, its about creating urself, just observe ur actions and thoughts, da pieces are there u just have to put them together in the right order, and in no tym u should kno u, yes i kno its easier said dan done, but noone said knowing who u are was ever gonna bii easy 🙂

  3. Your kid will remember and it will haunt him till he has kids of his own and finally understands what it is like to be a man in his own home not able to spank one out without someone always interupting.

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