Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-13

  • After I found out my boyfriend cheated on me I gave his best friend a blowjob. I got back with myoyfriend and never told him what I did #
  • i think i have fallen in love with my straight best friend…all over again #
  • I have headaches daily, but I won't go see a doctor because I believe it is a brain tumor. I don't want to tell my kids their mom is sick. #

6 thoughts on “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-13”

  1. To the lady with the headaches – please don’t be scared of a check-up, it’s quite common for women between 35-50 to get migraines due to hormone levels! It could be something as simple as unbalanced eostrogen production causing those headaches, and it’s fixable. It doesn’t have to be a tumour.

  2. please, woman with headaches: go to a doctor a very good friend of mine’s mother just died. Her husband left her for a younger woman and she was very sick. She was too depressed to go to the doctors even though her friends asked her to. She was too depressed to care. It was breast cancer and she was only give two weeks to live. If she had gone earlier than she could have made it. Would you rather see the look on their face when you say your sicka dnbe able to ,make the most of your time left, or (on the off chance it is cancer) leave them without aa m other and no time to say goodbye…

  3. please go to the doctor. my mother was the same way. my brother and i knew something was wrong. they gave her a month to live when she finally did go in. at least find out what’s wrong so that if it’s terrible you can treasure what time you have left.

  4. Dear Headache Lady,
    I’m 18 and get migraines almost daily. I’ve had three MRI’s and no tumors to speak of (or anything else of interest up there). My mother used to get migraines all the time and also had an MRI. No tumors. I don’t want to get your hopes up but migraines in women are common. Hopefully, you will find out you had nothing to be worried about and the doc will give you some good meds to take care of your headaches. Good luck. =)

    My mother pushed to find out why she got head aches when they seemed to tell her it was all in her head.
    In her case it was non-malignant, and she’s still with us, cancer free for 20 years. Had she not gone in an pushed to find out why, who knows…
    For you kids sake, if not for your own, GO!!

  6. @headaches daily:
    My mom was too scared to get a pap smear done. She would not tell me what was bothering her either. Please go to the doctor, so you can become healthier and have much more time with your kids.

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