14 thoughts on “I can’t say that I love you”

  1. i beleive that too. it’s really hard for me to trust people. and when i finally rtust them, i can’t say i love you. because every single person who i have ever told ‘ i love you’ to, has screwed me over.

  2. This happened with all of the males in my family. Lately there’s been things that keep coming up that are forcing me to deal with it. I’m trying to forgive them..I recently heard that forgiving someone doesn’t mean that it will take the hurt away, pain is pain, and pain will always be there BECAUSE it hurt you. But it just means that you’re willing to let go, and let time, God, or whatever you believe in heal you.

  3. I like what you have said. I am not a religious person, but loving someone has made me finally understand what it is to have faith. It may not be what you want it to be or what you think it really is, but what you have right now is worth the risk and fear that it might all disappear.

  4. I think I’m in a relationship with someone who feels the same way. Sometimes it hurts me that he can’t say he loves me. Sometimes I really wish he would. But I know that it’s not about me. And I’m reassured by the fact that when we’re together I FEEL loved. So I’m learning to let the word go. I’m just gonna keep loving him. And not leaving.

  5. i always said this. I never want to love anybody. Im so afarid to tell them. Everyone i love leaves me or dies.. I have a best friend. And i fear that im going to loose him every second. This Shyt sucks!! im so with you on this one…

  6. Laci,
    I am still trying to Figure out whats going on, but it couldnt be any more clearer that this is exactly what your doing to me. You left me just cause I told you how I felt. You may have typed that you forgive me and it shouldn’t have been that hard. Forgiving someone Hurts only if you want it to. It sure as Hellfire Doesnt hurt me anymore, and it really Does not have to hurt you. Everyone gets over it.
    And yes.
    I did “let go” Of it.
    I let go a Long time ago.
    and Laci I can tell you this;
    You aren’t Letting God Heal you.
    Lets just see if Time is.

    -Your Best Friend, Andres Seminario

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