74 thoughts on “For a split second at the altar”

  1. I was engaged for almost a year and was supposed to get married a month and a half ago. I called it off 9 days before the wedding. As much as I wanted to be married, I didn’t want to be divorced by the time I was 25. The man I agreed to marry was no longer the man that I would have said my vows to. Some days I wonder if it could have worked out and if I made a terrible mistake, but most days I know what I did was right…

  2. I got married at 22. Im almost 25 and still regret getting married. I didnt invite my best friend, bc if I did and she if she wouldve stopped it. I wouldve walked away with her (she was the one). The only reason I got married was to be with my unborn child at the time. If I didnt marry her, her and her family wouldnt let me come around. I love my son to death and I can never let him stay with his mom alone. Shes suicidal..

  3. In my own opinion, nobody will ever marry the right one. It is the matter of how much you are willing to compromise to that person and vice versa. In a relationship, it does not matter if it goes up or down, both partners will think they are the victim but really they are just as guilty as their partner.

  4. i did marry the wrong man.if only i could turn back time ,then i would’nt be with him .so sad coz we have 2 beautiful & smart twin daughters.can you imagine ,for almost 2 years in our marriage ,there’s no more sex! he does’nt even care how i feel.i hate him for being like this .we could’nt communicate in a nice way .he’s not a good provider .sometimes i think i’m wasting my time to reach my goals in life when i’m with him.i have my masters in education but i’m a housewife now coz i love my daughters.he’s 50 years but does’nt have anything ,i swear!nothing !he makes me deel i’m alone in this marriage.what should i do?divorce him ?i don’t want my girls to grow up in a broken family.

  5. I try to fall in love with my husband everyday…It’s been almost a year and a half…I still can’t !!!!!

  6. so i am getting married the end of the year. i no in my heart its not goin to work, invitations out,,now i want to back out. no body would guess how i regret all my dreaming

  7. if u no its not right to do, chances are it isnt. people do understand, i wish i listened to my gut. now i am stuck

  8. I met a girl in a haze of drink and drugs and married her 3 yrs later. 4 yrs after that i sobered up and realised I had just screwed the last 7 yrs of my life and flipped. I nearly killed her for being poison, I nearly killed myself.

  9. It’s my worse fear that I’ll have that thought before I say I do. Because even though I know I want to spend the rest of my life with him and I will spend the rest of my life with him, I’ll wonder what the hell that split second was? It’s like second guessing a multiple choice question.

  10. I am in the same boat. I just got married this past summer and I already regret it. I love his friend.. ugh worst feeling ever. I feel trapped and alone. My friends enjoy sex and intimacy with their husbands and I dread the bedroom. I just think about the other one..

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  12. To IAN # 7

    I think you are right. It’s all about commitment. Not about what I can get from the other person.

    I’m married now and I’ve thought about being married to the “wrong person” but then again, I know I’ve chose the right one for me. I’ve always said: “It is what it is, if not, it wouldn’t be”

  13. Ian (#7) is right.

    But isn’t it heartbreaking how one day, he is someone you can grow old with, and months or years later…..he is someone different.

    Everyone says “people change”, but when that person is so entwined in your life….it’s devastating.

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