4 thoughts on “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-23”

  1. I can’t stop eating either. I’ve just learned to accept the fact that no one will ever want me, no matter how many friends tell me that there’s someone for everyone.

  2. Stop accepting the fact that you will forever keep eating and that no one will love you! That is NOT how love works! Life and Love are about the struggle of finding that one person. You are supposed to work HARD, the HARDEST you have ever dreamt of working, for that one person to see you. Slender people work hard to stay slender; Overweight people work hard to not cry every time they look in the mirror. Work hard, and you will see. 🙂 Do not accept the fact that you will forever eat, and no one will ever love you. You have to work for everything. I know that to be absolutely true, because I am an overweight girl, and was always accepting that fact that I would always eat and never find the one. 🙂 But now I am working hard to stop my eating habits, even though I do not want to, and I got to find someone who might be my ‘one’.

    You will see, love. You will see that everything will be alright.

  3. Medifast eat all you want
    jenny craig eat all you want
    HCG eat all you want
    weight watchers eat all you want
    til YOU decide to take control until then food will control you

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