Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-19

  • I hit myself in the face most days for being such a screw-up. #
  • if you weren't asian, I would have left you within the first month. but instead, i've been with you 2 years. #
  • I don't want to leave you not only because i'm scared you'll hurt me, but because I don't want my family to be right about you. #
  • One of the only reasons I won't kill myself is because I know someday, they'll all move on and the glory that I wanted will be for nothing. #
  • The only thing thats gets me though the day is to know that I'll be successful somewhere and you'll be stuck in this town your whole life. #
  • if you asked me to marry you tomorrow, i would #
  • I have an amazing girlfriend, an accepting family, and an overall great life…yet I constantly find myself wanting to commit suicide. #
  • I love him with all my heart and i think he's the one. But i don't think he thinks i'm just a 'for now' thing. #

2 Comments on “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-19

  1.  by  Samantha

    “if you weren’t asian, I would have left you within the first month. but instead, i’ve been with you 2 years.”

    I honestly wonder if this was written by my cousin… He’s dating this girl who is horrible to him, they have nothing in common, I think he started dating her just because she’s pretty and asian. They now have a beautiful baby girl, and he is the best father in the world, but now he’s stuck with her. I would never wish that their daughter wasn’t born, but I do wish they would break up and my cousin could keep their daughter.

    I think she got pregnant on purpose so he would stay with her…

  2.  by  Scared

    “I love him with all my heart and i think he’s the one. But i don’t think he thinks i’m just a ‘for now’ thing. #”

    …. I feel the exact same way with my boyfriend </3

    and sometimes, it breaks my heart that I doubt his love

    I'm really confused and I want my whole world to end.

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