Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-28

  • I wish I could read minds, just to find out if you truly love me too. #
  • I listen to the voice mails and locked the text messages from back when you still loved me. #

16 thoughts on “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-28”

  1. i check every sunday and look everywhere there arte post secrets. and i feel unimportant every time i don’t see it up somewhere.

  2. I have his messages locked from three years ago. I don’t let people borrow my phone just in case they see.

  3. I wish she knew that I think about her every, single, day. I’ve never stopped loving her. My heart aches.

  4. 6 months later.. Im so sorry i walked away.. & Im sorry for whatever i did to make you not want me.. Sleep with as many whores as youd like…

    baby, illL always love you..

  5. I still read he’s old e-mails and notes… I wish I had this old texts but I’ve gotten too many new phones since he loved me. we’re still together and I threaten to break up with him everyday, but then I think I should be lucky enough to have found someone who can stand me.

  6. I have every email we ever sent each other, I have read them over and over trying to figure out at the exact point it all fell apart. Those messages are all I have until I can let go.

  7. I still read the old texts from him that i have saved, just to keep me going. if he could love me, someone else could too. i miss him more than anything.

  8. i wish i had the texts still. i kept my phone from everyone so they wouldn’t see. but i accidentally deleted them. Thank god for my photogenic memory… even with someone else, i still love to remember them.

  9. My thoughts always wander to him and what could’ve been. Running and rerunning the last night we were together. I’m still too broken to tell him how much I cared about him..but i always wished he and i had the courage to fight through the pride, the pain and the bullshit. Everyday i still think of him. everything reminds me of him.. after over a year now, i still see him in my mind clearly as if it was yesterday. we couldve been so good together.

  10. I still have some of the old IMs we had. Even though we’re talking about nothing, I like to pretend we’re still friends and you still like me.

  11. Me too… and that sad thing is…we’re still together and I resent him every day, but I won’t leave because I don’t know how to…..

  12. up until 4 month ago, i had 2 voicemails saved on my phone from my first girlfriend. we broke up almost 3 years ago

  13. To a:
    I think you mean photographic and not photogenic (I mean, unless your memories always look awesome in photos). Just for your future reference.

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