14 thoughts on “You’ll never love the real me”

  1. It is worth finding the person who will love the real you. There is someone out there that will, and it might be him. You will never know unless you show him the real you.

  2. i just got out of a relationship and that is totally how i felt. I tried to kill myself to make it right. but it didnt work. He calls me at least once a day trying to make it up to me..

  3. OMFG!! that’s EXACTLY the SAME way I feel. completely! oh it’s a horrible horrible feeling…maybe it will be worth it someday… I agree this guy isn’t right for you, but since Im in the situation, i know how hard it is to leave.

  4. I spent six months of my life being the exact girlfriend he wanted even though it was the complete opposite of me. I loved being with him and he loved me for who he thought I was. It was wonderful until I told him I cheated on him. He said “I can’t believe you would do that.” I said “I know.” He still doesn’t know a thing about me, but I’ve never been happier without him.

  5. My ex once told me something to this effect. She should have known that I would have loved her if she would have just been herself. Pretending was her own choice and her own insecurity, and now it’s over.

  6. you can only live that way for so long. i thought i could pretend forever and married him. we are divorced now. its gets harder not easier. get out now. you deserve better.

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