Twitter Updates for 2009-05-08

  • We had sex everyday for two months but you didn’t even like me enough to hold my hand once. #

7 Comments on “Twitter Updates for 2009-05-08

  1.  by  a

    I can relate to this…except mine was 8 months..

  2.  by  Anonymous

    I’ve been there. It was a girl I lived with, and it made me feel absolutely awful. When I decided enough was enough and met another girl, she wanted me for herself.
    I was a fool and went back to that.

  3.  by  nena

    this happened to me for half a year. we finally got together and have been for almost half a year, but i cant believe he loves me because that first half was so so horrible…

    yet i love him too much to leave.

  4.  by  Bohemian

    You were a raging alcoholic and I was a virgin living away from home.
    we slept next to each other on the floor. sex was inevatible

    you hated me just as much as I hated you

  5.  by  ana

    I have been sleeping with this guy friend of mine for about a month or so now.. but I would trade the sex for just holding hands.. that’s what I really want. I have sex with guys I like to try to get real affection.. it always ends badly

  6.  by  Maya

    Mine lasted 2 years and a half… I wanted it so much to work… 2 horrible years…

  7.  by  person

    me too
    a year later, after doing everything possible to get over him, i still love him

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