Twitter Updates for 2009-05-03

  • Adding a new feature to the site at the moment! #
  • Now visitors to can post their secrets directly to our Twitter account! #
  • Sheer lace top stockings….. $25.00
    Sexy undies…………………..$179.00
    Leather boots………………. $600.00
    You dumped … #
  • I’m a fourteen year old girl. I masturbate to gay porn at least three times a day. I still don’t know what happened to make me like this. #
  • “Anthony”, I think you married the wrong woman. I don’t think you will ever be happy until you are with Lisa forever. #
  • I’m fifteen, and I didn’t know that porn was frowned upon until my mum pointed it out. #
  • You are my best friend in the world. I wish you would realize that I love you and I’m the girl you’re looking for. #

6 thoughts on “Twitter Updates for 2009-05-03”

  1. there are so many secrets i could write, but none would justify the things i’ve done.

  2. to the girl who’s 14 and masturbating. I’m with you. i was that umm, addicted? until about a week ago. i felt so dirty from doing it that i knew it HAD TO stop. i finally found some will power.
    praying for you.

  3. I did the same to Lesbian porn too. I have no doubt I’m straight but I used to love it. Slowly I got away from it. Still don’t know how I got there either though.

  4. was addicted to porn until I met a man (now my boyfriend) who actually respected and loved me. I don’t know how that worked out. I didn’t realize it happened until reading this thread.

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