The secrets that were never published

The secrets that were never published

Every day, many images are uploaded to the site, and I take pleasure in looking through them.
Sadly, there isn’t enough time or space to publish them all on this site.

There are a number of reasons why secrets may not be selected, these are the top 3:
– secrets already published relating to that topic
– difficult to read text
– bad artwork/layout

It doesn’t mean your secret is not important, nor does it mean it has not been read and appreciated.

Today, I am opening a new site, this contains a gallery of 600+ images which have not made it into the main site.

I’m making it democratic
If enough people vote for a particular secret by giving it a high rating however, I will reconsider it for entry into the main site.

23 thoughts on “The secrets that were never published”

  1. What happened to this promise you made? Doesn’t seem right that now you’re making a reject page.

    Your promise:

    First Post from uploads.

    First off I want to sincerely thank those who have uploaded their secrets here. I PROMISE to post every single secret that I receive. If you take the time to upload a secret I will take the time to post every single one of them.

  2. Hi Consuela

    Thank you for pointing that out.
    I didn’t know / had forgotten about that.

    First off, that was written by someone else, who I took over running the site from. It was also written a year and a half ago when it was probably possible to put every single submission.

    At the moment, I received over 30 new submissions a day. Some of them are just totally unreadable (see the rejects website and you will see), some are ones that have already been published (one person has submitted the same secret over 15 times) and some are just not secrets at all, but photos of people (thats it, just photos!).

    So I think Jeff, who posted the promise you mentioned, was being a little naive, or at least had no idea how popular the site would become.

    My last point, is that putting up poor work alongside some of the really beautiful and touching secrets in many ways devalues them.

    All that said, I put up the rejects website because I really do feel, just as Jeff, that everyone should be heard, and that this subsite is an outlet for them. And bear in mind I totally get that my idea of good and bad is not the same as everyone’s so secrets posted to the rejects site that get good ratings will be brought in here.

    So maybe “reject” is too harsh? Maybe I should have another think about what we call the site where I place the others?

    Let me know, I am always keen to hear everyone’s thoughts.

    Thank you


  3. Hi Frank,

    What happened to the April 2009 posts. I keep checking here for them, but no luck. Please let me know if they will ever be posted.


  4. Its states the regects are all postsecrets submitted between Jan 08 and May 09. I sent mine in between that time, and I do not see my secret here.

    I am so glad I don’t.

  5. It’s quite interesting to see the other post secrets there, although, I definitely agree that calling them “rejects” sounds quite… harsh. Maybe renaming it to something like “Post Secrets: Uncut” might be better? I don’t know, it might just be me =]
    Anyway, thanks ^__^

  6. My secret wasn’t good enough to sit alongside more beautiful ones? Well, I guess that sort of figures, then, doesn’t it? I don’t think that something that may be deeply personal and painful should be left to public vote to decide whether it’s worthy of being by other secrets that are deemed better. I would say this regardless of whether my secret had been one of the rejected ones.

    I came to this site and shared because I believed in the promise. I guess that it doesn’t matter whether I stop coming or not, as there won’t be anyone to miss me. I’m glad that you added the second site, but disappointed that some of the more touching secrets I’ve seen have been relegated to second class.

    This is not my website to run, of course, and I understand your reasoning. I just wanted to let you know that reading this on a night when I’m feeling really down already sort of didn’t help.

    Good luck running the site.

  7. I havent seen any of my secrets. That doesnt suprise me though Lol.
    I think rejects is
    I suggest a name change.

  8. So is this website affiliated with Frank’s or is it started by another group of individuals? Who runs this website?

  9. i think so many of these secrets on here are sad and if i would have been on this website about a week ago mine would be too, but ive realized that I deserve to be happy and so do the rest of you im sorry that your hurt the way you are but life is meant to knock you down keep getting back up and never give up when someones weighing on your heart let them go as hard as it is you have to let them go, you deserve to be happy so stand on your own feet find your true friends please yourself be with who makes you smile let the people that continue to say things true or not let them talk and dont let em say you aint beautiful start your quest to happiness right now its not too late.

  10. FIRST OF ALL, wayyy to copy the real POST SECRET. all of you posting on here, why not send your secrets to the original? at least Frank respects them. SECONDLY, people send you in secrets because it makes them feel better, they want to share, they want to know someone out there knows how they feel and sympathizes. By creating a “reject” website you are telling them they are exactly that… rejects. Who knows how many people you are hurting this way? Why create a reject website at all? Why not just state that you do not have the time to put all the secrets on your original website? You are making people’s feelings into a game where other people can vote on how important they are, pretty stupid!

  11. Some one posted an unauthorized picture of me along with a “secret”
    I want it removed immediately, yet there is no way to contact the site administrator!!
    WHO RUNS THIS SITE?????!!!!!

  12. as he stated that there are so many that dnt get posted and im sure that this guy has a job and a life and cant post every one on there, also are u only sending ur secrets in, so that u hope the rest of the world will c them, y dnt u start telling the ppl that need to no ur secrets them, they may be able to help you instead of having a go at this guy.
    we shouldnt be getting angery with him we should just be happy that he has taken over this site to keep it going and appreciate them and the time and effort he puts in to keep the site going.

    Sara (Australia)

  13. Haha, pretty much exactly what was going through my head… No one’s secret should be “rejected”, just maybe an additional site for them.

  14. I like the “rejects” site better. It’s easier to scroll through and read everything, no more super small pictures where you have to click on them to see what’s really up, and then go to the back button etc..

  15. where did the ‘rejects’ website go? the link isn’t working for me.. I’d like to see them!!!!!!

  16. I agree with Sara, I feel your all missing the point of Post Secret. The idea is to get a secret off your chest by sending it annonymously, not to send a secret only to see if it gets published in a book or on the net. It makes me sad that this would be the only reason for writing a secret and sending it in the first place. I have never seen my secret on the net or in any of the Post Secret books and it doesnt bother me one bit, I dont even know if it got to Frank, but what I do know is that someone in this world has to have read it and thats enough for me.

  17. Hello there. I realize that this was posted quite some time ago. I have sent in two secrets to this website, and three to Frank’s address. I write and draw out my secrets, because I know that I SURELY cannot be the only person in the world who is, or has ever been in, the same position. I send my secrets, not to get them published because I want to see my secrets in a published book nor on a computer screen surrounded by thousands more. I do it, because when I had first picked up Frank’s Post Secret, I found several that made me feel like I was not so alone. They HELPED me, and them. That is the only reason why I send mine in now. I have had my three tangible postcards published, and that actually helped ME a great deal, too. My boyfriend was looking through one of them, and I left the room to get some drinks. When I came back into the room, the book was open to one of mine, and he said, “I Love You.” I never told him which of the postcards in there was mine. People do crave attention, and this is Okay. It is human. We all need a bit of it, and this is sadly all that most of us shall ever receive.

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