My life was stolen from me before it began

My life was stolen from me before it began

My life was stolen from me before it began,

And I don’t even know who the thief was.

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  1.  by  Charlie

    I don’t think it is about adoption. I was adopted from birth. I have no idea who my biological parents are, and I never will care to know. Being put up for adoption didn’t steal my life, it gave me my life. And I am thankful. forever.

    I think it is about overcontroling parents. The ones who planned the straight road to nowhere the writer wants to go.

  2.  by  sara

    My reason for this saying would be from suffering depression from a younger age, before I got to be an adult.


    Maybe it have something to do with kidnapping?

  4.  by  ?

    Why would adoption be put with life stolen?
    My mum is adopted and veery happy, 3 kids, a husband who loves her, adoptive parents who she adores/adore her, an also adopted sister who is the same , who also has two kids. My mum is wayy happy.
    She met with her biological mother once and never wants to see her again. She is happy with what she has.

    As with the postcard I think whatever it is, only she/he wants to know it. Is not ready to tell still but is on the way and this is how they want to show it. They don’t want others to know as such. They just want it out there.

  5.  by  Stephany

    It’s about whatever you want it to be, be it adoption, abortion, or something totally different.

  6.  by  fearful_

    maybe its for a person who was born with a disease from birth that renders them with some disability which they will never lose hence the simple drawing of being repressed
    its still very sad
    i hope they find happiness

  7.  by  Peace

    My thoughts went to rape. Maybe this person was raped by a stranger. My thoughts also went to someone writing this,not about themselves, but about a loved one that was lost to an unknown murderer.

  8.  by  Aboriginal Life

    I wonder if this is about Residential schools. That’s what the building reminds me of. There are generations of children these days coming from parents and grandparents who were taken from their homes, away from family, language and cultural traditions and placed in residential schools to “integrate” them into white culture. As a result there are countless Aboriginal people who are without a sense of identity, come from broken homes, dysfunctional communities, etc.

    Suicide rates are sky high in Aboriginal communities, compared to the rest of Canada. Life and opportunities are often bleak and seem inescapable for some…

  9.  by  rawk

    It’s from the viewpoint of a hypothetical person whose life was ‘stolen’ because they never existed. Pick your reason for why not.

  10.  by  RABz

    I agree with the disease–perhaps crippling, progressively debilitative, or ultimately fatal–inherited from an unknown parent, perhaps because of private adoption or rape.

  11.  by  kel

    This person was raped at a really young age by a stranger or unfamiliar person.

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