118 thoughts on “My bulimia has made me better”

  1. I feel so sorry for the girls who have this disease. im a lesbian so sucking a guys dick has never been a problem for me.thank god.

  2. lol @”Disease”

    Same with Alcholism and smoking. It’s a habbit, so stop it or stfu about it.

  3. @Mike, Bulimia is an extremely real disease, seriously, ask any doctor or pathologist. Keep your ignorance to yourself.

  4. Mike, you’re such a fucking jerk

    Bulimia, and other eating disorders are FUCKING DISEASES

    I hope you develop one, and then you can eat your words, and throw them back up later

  5. I used to have bullimia, and before i had it, i could barely brush my tongue without gagging. It brought me up to a normal level

  6. This is so true and I did realise this! One of the upsides we can hold on to, being fantastic in bed 🙂 At the same time why do some people on the internet feel the need to insult women based on the fact they’re bulimic/give oral sex. The anonymity of the internet means they can act like bullies on a playground again. At least us bulimics only take out our own feelings of inadequacy on ourselves.

  7. Mike, I want you to know that what you have said on here is disgusting in more ways then you could ever imagine. FUCK YOU. These things, people deal with might be a choice in the begining, but I will let you in on a secret, its a fucking TREATABLE DISEASES. very much so, I was treated for cutting, pills & anorexia about 5 years ago, if I hadn’t seeked treatment I would be dead and I know that, I swear, if I had a fucking chance to Mike, I would fucking kick your pathedic judgemental ass, and trust me, i fucking could. Your not wanted here, you obviously use postsecret to talk shit to people, so just go away.

  8. hi to all at postsecretarchive.com i thought i had sent this newyears eve but it didnt send so i have sent it again good luck for 2012 to every one
    – matt-gent

  9. This is my new fix for post secret community now that the post secret app has been taken away. I absolutely loved that app. and I am sooo sad to see it go but I am glad to have found another place to share secrets with fellow post secret followers.

  10. @ Mike


    if bulimia is a disease isn’t being fat?

    Is my coffee addiction a disease?

    Is my pokemon addiction a disease?


  11. Mike, perhaps your obvious complete and total lack of social skills is the disease you need to worry about.

  12. Mike, your comment disgusts me. As someone who has had bulimia for over 5 years, it is not something controllable. Of course it is a disease. It is not something that you can simply stop doing. No matter what anyone says, nobody can just tell themselves to stop. Not completely, anyway. It will always come back if it is not dealt with. It may sound like it’s a simple solution to just stop throwing up, but it’s not. The need to throw up won’t go away until there’s nothing left in your stomach. It is based off of the feelings you’re trying to control on the inside. It is a mental disease about control and image.

    I am completely offended by your comment and I would suggest that you actually thought about what you were actually saying before you post something like that. Because you have no idea how someone could take a comment like that.

    And at Colpepper Cattle Co;
    You have no idea what you’re talking about. Grow up and become a little more tolerant to other peoples problems, even if you don’t happen to agree that it’s a disease.

  13. i bite my nails.. to the point where my finger tips bleed.. I have a disease. riiiight. like Mike said, at the beginning. its a habit. a really bad one. which one cannot overcome after a while. none the less, a habit. one that does not show up on its own but after a willingness of inducing vomit. and yes, I choose to be ignorant then.

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