164 thoughts on “I’m tired of waiting for my birthday”

  1. When I was dating, someone told me to treat your boyfriend as if they were to someday be married to someone else (because no matter how much we think we love someone, that may not be who God has chosen us to be with). Meaning don’t do anything you would feel uncomfortable telling his wife you had done with him. But considering a lot of people nowdays cheat with someone who is married without feeling any guilt, other peoples feelings don’t matter. Also you don’t want to have to tell your husband about how you have slept with as many guys as a hooker and will not only be giving yourself to him, but also 3 STD’s. So at least look at it like you don’t know who you are going marry. Maybe this is just me, but if my husband told me he slept with a lot of different girls, I would be too nervous about how i compared to them to enjoy it. And if sex is a skill and you can get better with other people, why can’t you perfect your skill with just your husband? My husband is the only man I’ve had sex with and I wouldn’t change a thing. And God wants you to wait not to give you rules, but to protect you and your heart. He knows sex before marriage can break your heart and He wants to save you from that. And He created sex FOR marriage, and if your marriage is truly Gods will, the sex WILL be amazing. If it’s not, that’s because you followed your own will and not His.

  2. Your wife will be truly grateful and your marrige will benifit greatly from that. I pray that God gives you the strength to follow through with this. If a girl doesn’t see this as a good thing, she is not worth it ayways.

  3. I too am chaste. Im an eighteen year old girl and I am saving myself for my husband. solely. I would love for my husband to share himself with me too. God bless all of you my chaste brothers and sisters in Christ.

  4. Did anyone ever stop to think maybe this person isn’t someone significantly older than her? He has his own reason for the decision he’s made and maybe they’re not all selfish ones. Maybe he’s just a decent young man who truly feels that she won’t be emotionally ready until after she’s 16. Not one person knows a thing about this girl or her partner. You’re passing judgement to the wind. The reason for this site is so people can share their secrets without being judge of belitlled. And you’re giving a young girl no hope for the future. Sweetheart even if this one may be, not all men are selfish sex driven maniacs.

  5. First of all, even if she turned 16 tomorrow, that one day doesn’t nessesarily make her any more emotionally ready than she was the day before. And not focusing so much on his intentions, the fact that she feels the only way to show him that she loves him is to have sex with him regarless if she’s ready or not, there is a serious problem with that.

  6. Let’s focus on what’s important… 16 is a very young age… so let’s hope you’re ready and the guy is worth it…

  7. i didnt wait. i wish i did. i regretted it the next day, every day after but mostly the day i had to have an abortion at 17 because i thought sex and love were the same thing.

  8. I am 18 and chaste. I’ve been dating my man for quite a while now, and he is equally chaste. There is no pressure, and society’s crazy sex drive hasn’t touched us. I love him more than anyone else, and we know we’re going to get married. Still, we wait. We have four years left to go before we get married.
    Sex is sacred to married couples, and it is not supposed to be some happy pass-time, some pleasure oriented, mindless, heartless adventure. Girl, your boyfriend is treating you and your body with unparalleled respect, and that is something that you should be thankful for. He’s really rare.
    Guys, learn to think with something other than your dicks. Girls worth anything don’t like that shit.

  9. Also, #Nord, you have multiple times compared sex to cars. I wonder what kind of magazines you read. Sorry, I meant “look at”.

  10. If you do, or even if you don’t wind up marrying him, waiting is the best way to show him you love him. I didn’t wait and now I’m married and wish I would have. How beautiful to be able to only be with one man for a lifetime. I will never know.

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