58 thoughts on “I’m scared the anti-depressants will change who I am”

  1. Anti depressants don’t change who you are. They return you to who you were before the depression 🙂

  2. Please don’t be scared. If you don’t like the effects, you can always stop taking them or try a different one.

    I was a little scared too when I first started taking mine, but now I feel so free because I have the power to control my own emotions again.

  3. They do kind of change who you are. I don’t know if it is always for the better, but for me it was. I have been on anti-depressants for 5..6 years? Around that much time. And everyone loves the ‘new’ me. I feel better about my personality, too.

    But it just hurts sometimes when you get a reality check about the new you. Mine was when my mum told me, “I like you better on the meds than off.”

  4. i refuse to tell my family i’m depressed because i don’t want to end up being on anti-depressants. i feel like it will change me and that i wont ever truely be who i am ever again.

  5. Anti-depressants won’t change who you are, but they could make you gain 35 lbs in 3 months like mine did. They’ll also make you wish you’d never taken them when it’s time to go off of them. Antidepressant withdrawal is one of the scariest things I’ve ever experienced.

    Try therapy first.

  6. Antidepressants made me more depressed. I wouldn’t recommend taking them unless it’s a last resort.

    The year I was on antidepressants is lost to me. My engagement, my wedding, my honeymoon… all lost.

  7. The thing the doctors don’t tell you is that some day the meds won’t be available (due to natural disaster, et al.), and you’re going to need to have the coping skills for when that day comes. Heaven forbid that they teach you coping skills! However, I’ve known so many people who are on meds because they need to be, but then they screw around with their dosage(s) without permission or supervision by their doctor, and they make everyone around them miserable. I’ve also known ‘way too many people who need psychiatric meds BADLY, who were raised without any psychiatric help whatsoever, so they’ll never see a doctor about their problems as long as they live…And they’re so proud of themselves for never taking anything more than an occasional TUMS — they think this means they’re healthy — HA! I know this guy who calls himself “Nate the Great” (THAT’S a good one!), who is soooo far off his rocker, but who is not “off” enough to be committed, but he, too, is one of these TUMS-terrors. He makes everyone uncomfortable to miserable with his delusions and bullying and neuroses, and he picks on people who are getting help for their psychiatric issues, who are HAPPY because of it. What kind of freak DOES that?

  8. Unfortunately, most doctors don’t care enough about helping sick people to work with their patients to get them on the right medications, or “cocktails.”

    Unfortunately, most people aren’t honest with their doctors, particularly on their psych issues.

    Unfortunately, most people are too deluded to recognize that they even have problematic delusions, etc.

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