If you love me, tell me.

If you love me, tell me.

If you love me, tell me. Or I will continue to believe love died.

13 Comments on “If you love me, tell me.

  1.  by  nameless

    I know someone who feels the same way.
    I feel for you!

  2.  by  Loner

    I feel the same way and it sucks

  3.  by  D

    But will you really? This is an honest and legit question, not patronizing at all. My boyfriend has lost all faith in love and even though I tell him all the time, he still says he doesn’t believe.

  4.  by  Jerom Henderson

    bitch just stfu and take a dick already

  5.  by  RAW WAR

    fuck off man, u gotta watch wut u say b/c if u typed that on some1 else’s secret, u might really hurt them. As 4 me i find u 2 be an ignorant slimeball who’s words r meaningless. This is ur warning not 2 be a jerk.

  6.  by  Sara

    Wow….couldn’t have said it better myself…I feel the same way. It’s awful.

  7.  by  dani

    you are the part of the reason people lose faith in other people and the possibility of someone actually loving them, instead of using them to get what they want.

    people like you should have their penis cut off.

  8.  by  LKS

    Get him RW! Rude bastard!

    Of course I am not the guru or anything, but I did date for 20 years before I got married. In my experience, when somebody loves you, wild horses couldn’t keep it in. It is as glaring as a neon sign. Last thing in the world you want is a man who can’t express his feelings. That’s asking for pain. Been there too, no fun at all. You deserve more. Require more for yourself.

  9.  by  Bp

    talk to him/her about it. he/she may be scared for or confused.

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