16 thoughts on “I wish you weren’t such a good cook”


    hey guys.
    Wanna be skinny, it’s really simple

    Cut underneath your ribcage gently (though make sure its deep and, use a very sharp knife)
    cut on both sides, then insert some salt into the wounds

    it’ll sting

    but all the fat will pretty much osmitize out


  2. That’s a cruel thing to say. To you understand why so many people face anorexia and bulimia? Do you have any idea how many people you know are probably affected by it, whether you realize it or not?

    I am not anorexic or bulimic, but only through concerted effort on the part of myself and my friends. I am naturally a little chubby; it’s my body type to have big hips and a small chest. Not exactly a figure that’s considered glamorous right now.

    People are presented with the images of photoshopped, starved women, and sometimes similarly photoshopped men; not women who are real any more. We are taught that that is how we should define our beauty. Whether we realize that it’s a sham or not, the image is obscenely powerful. It’s everywhere in our lives.

    Please, think before you write these millions of people off as idiots. You’re using level two thinking, rather destructive thinking, to reference an essay I read. (Pretty cool one, actually. Look it up.)

    To those who hold this secret: It’s not healthy to starve yourself. You will make yourselves ill, and might lose head hair, gain thicker body hair, and your body might go into emergency energy storing; all calories consumed will be kept as fat. It’s much healthier to eat good food. Go for veggies, fruits, and exercise. That’s much better — and tastier! — for you. Also, spices like thyme and rosemary are actually healthy; don’t worry about skimping on them to be healthier.

    Good luck dealing with this. Ignore the creep above me.

  3. Thanks, asshole.
    As distorted as my, and thousands of other people’s thinking is…
    That actually sounds appealing.

    Fuck you.

  4. I am an anorexic in recovery for a year and a half now. Anorexia took me to hell and back. It tears you up inside and isolates you from all that you love. As a person, you are enough. I hope you go to therapy to save your life. It’s death or recovery. Make your choice.

  5. I wish I didn’t like food too much to be anorexic. People tell me I’m skinny, they don’t see me without clothes

  6. wow. you are suggesting people practically kill themselves to get skinny. are you seriously supporting such a brutal, dangerous and fucked up method??? as if anorexia and bulimia arent harmful enough!!! (i would know, i got over both)

  7. To Anonymous.
    What you wrote about anorexia, society and being healthy is more ignorant that what Anon wrote. Anorexia is NOT about seeing a photoshopped image and wanting to be thin. As someone suffering from the disease and who know many a ed patient, I can tell you the disease is caused by the inside hurt. Wanting to be perfect, have control, and suffer physically so that the pain inside shuts up. Its about controlling something when life feel so absolutely out of control, and weight is something you can control. People who think that anorexia is “caused” by society photoshopping images and making thin ideal are sorely mistaken. It is much much deeper than that.
    Also, telling girls/boys suffering from the disease all of the things it does to your body and just to be healthy and all that shit you said is hurtful and annoying. We KNOW exactly what starvation does to our bodies (and you kinda don’t judging by what you said about “all calories consumed get kept as fat”) You need to do your research. And for the love of god, do not, do not do not do not tell anorexics to “be healthy” Don’t you think we want to be? How about you go down to the VA and tell veterans coming home from war to not have PTSD, and while your at it tell someone who is clinically depressed to just “be happy” and that guy with they schizophrenia to “stop hearing voices and being paranoid”

    IF you don’t know anything past what you have read online in articles about something, don’t talk about it. You just end up offending people..

  8. I agree 100% with Manda, Eating disorders do not in most cases stem from the media and societies obsession with perfection, some people arent that superficial. It’s a psychological disease and as Manda said yes we do want to be healthy, but it’s easier said than done. You can’t really preach to anyone until you’ve had the experience yourself.

  9. You shouldn’t have to starve yourself to feel attractive or not fat even. I eat as much as I can so I can have energy. And with this energy, I go to the gym and exercise, so that I’m healthy. For me, a healthy, fit person is more beautiful and almost perfect when compared to someone who’s just skinny.

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