44 thoughts on “I seriously believe men aren’t attracted to me”

  1. I feel the same way. I’m half black, and yet the white guys I always like never seem to be able to reciprocate.

  2. Trust me, guys love Jewish girls. I am Jewish and men are always asking what I am. Maybe if you look at it as being exotic, instead of ugly, you will start to approach others differently. Trust me. You ARE Beautiful! 🙂

  3. Your secret made me really sad. Beauty has absolutley nothing to do with race, religion, shape or size. Your past and where you come from is what makes each of us individual and therefore beautiful. Be proud of who you are and don’t be afraid to show others that you feel good about yourself. You have to learn to love every bit of yourself before someone else can love you..

  4. As for physical attractiveness, it’s almost more about confidence than looks. If you are self concious about your religion you can probably see it on your face and in your body language. The most attractive thing you can do for yourself is just be confident in who you are and how you look. Be proud of youself and don’t let crazy thoughts like these creep in your head.

  5. I am personally white attracted to a number of jewish women, both physically and emotionally.

  6. if this is true, you’re looking at the wrong guys. beauty has nothing to do with your culture, and you should be proud of such a rich heritage. I’m a Jewish girl with a boyfriend; I know MANY Jewish girls with boyfriends who think they are beautiful. I’m sure you are too.

  7. i’m female and my boyfriend of nearly 6 months is jewish. he is actually quite proud of his religion and thats one of the many many things i love abt him. he is confident.we have gotten into respectful debates abt religion.he gets mocked all the time at school for being jewish.But he is confident in who he is religion and all. Confidence in your ethnicity,your religion and in you is what makes someone attractive.Be confident in yourself.I don’t know you personally but i know you are beautiful.<3.

  8. i’m in love with a jewish man that doesn’t love me back.

    it hurts.

    but its my own fault.

    because i don’t love myself enough to tell him or show him sexually.

    even after 28 years – i still believe that men are not attracted to me. and i know i still believe it or else i would change it. this is what hurts me more.

    not that the jewish man doesn’t love me but that it is me that wont change.

  9. Hey,
    I’m a converted Jewish girl, converted unofficially when I was 10, I spent 4 years tryig to convince my peers I was really Jewish and not trying to be different. Basically, I went from mildly attractive to ugly. But only because I let their hate get to me. And it hurt, still does. But it gets better, and you will be loved. I am, finally. Just find someone who loves you for you, because Judaism is with you for eternity, and you can’t escape it, so the best thing to do is find someone who thinks that’s neat. I hope you find love.

  10. well then start liking guys of other races

    there are alot of men who will love to date you…you just have to expand your horizon and start dating a variety of men…

  11. You are an incredibly inconsiderate person. Being a Jewish woman myself I can relate to what she is saying. Being ostracized, criticized, and made fun of doesn’t do much for the self esteem. Maybe you should take a second and think about what you’re saying. You obviously don’t understand where she is coming from or how she is feeling. So before you make rash judgments and say such “stupid” comments, why don’t you take a second to try and put yourself in her position.

  12. Oh honey, we jewish girls are beautiful, don’t think that way. You just haven’t found the right guy.

  13. I love my Jewish wife. You don’t need the love of “men” in general, you need the love a man who wants a Jewish woman, among other attributes. There are plenty of us who can imagine no other partner for ourselves, probably because being Jewish is a big part of who we are… but maybe for other reasons too… and men who want someone like you are the only ones who matter. What “men” think in general is irrelevant…

  14. I don’t know a single white man where I am that isn’t attracted to a black person or a half-black person. It may not be related to the color of your skin, however you wish to take that.

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  16. Im not gonna lie to you….the fact you are jewish means you likely look jewish, which isnt attractive, and then there is the fact you come from a jewish family (the women are princesses and the men think they are in charge, and money is everything). Maybe try keeping it a dirty secret, get some plastic surgery for your nose and dont act spoiled and men wont even know you are a jew. you should probably do this for yourself tho, and not for a man.

  17. People like you (commenter, not poster) are disgusting. I cant believe you would even say that. Thats so untrue and hateful.

  18. YES!!!! I have always had a thing for Jewish boys, and as I’ve gotten older, Jewish men. They have always been so beautiful, and I love the deep heritage that Jewish people have. You should be proud of who you are and whence you come–I am jealous of what you have.

  19. I’m 100% Jewish too, and you shouldn’t care about what others think. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and shouldn’t be judged by religion, race, etc. Embrace yourself, don’t be afraid. =]

  20. “voice of reason”: I’m not gonna lie to YOU, regardless of appearance, you are an ugly disgusting person. not judging.. just stating a fact.

  21. As a Middle Eastern, i will tell you what you can do to help yourself. First, don’t dwell on being Jewish. The more you think of your jewishness the more it comes up in your conversations and attitude. Therefore, just like everyone else, you will have good and bad days. On your bad days, people will get to see the Jewishness in you and respond or might slight remarks that make you feel the way you do. On your Good days, people are good to you and you feel good.
    I am a Moslem. I have not told a single soul i am a Moslem at my work for past 8 years. If they ask I tell them, I don’t practice. I do that because in my field I am in a position of responsibility and I know people will hate me somedays for giving them orders or reprimanding them. Therefore, I never wanted them to associate my attitude with my religion and think all Muslims are like that. Therefore, anytime i feel someone harbors hatred or anger against me, I know its because of business and not because of religion.
    i hope that helped.
    I Hope people get to know that neither Iran nor Ahmadinejad plan on bombing anyone and it is all an Israeli campaign to demonize IRAN.
    thank you

  22. That’s probably one of the most irrational things I’ve ever read. If you live in a westernized society, which I’m assuming you do, your religious affiliation shouldn’t matter unless you’re smack dab in the middle of some redneck town in the bible belt.

    Nobody with a brain cares that you’re Jewish. If men aren’t attracted to you, it’s probably because you’re not attractive.

  23. Perhaps she is wrong about their attraction to her. Tons of men out there, I am sure many are attracted to her. I understand what it can be like to have a perception about yourself like this. It stops you being able to recognize the experiences that don’t fall under this mistaken belief. In other words, it is hard to see the men that are attracted to her!

  24. Are you effing kidding me?? Most beautiful actresses are jewish! Gwenyth Paltrow, Sarah Michelle Geller, Natalie Portman, Sara Paxton, Amanda Peet, Willa Holland, there are way too many to list!

  25. Being Jewish is a gift, if you don’t feel the warmth of being yehud you should learn about it. Find some wacky orthodox people that know real Judaism and real beauty. You will learn so much about yourself along the way. Whatever you think your outsides look like, cannot compare to a glowing inner beauty that will shine through, literally, i’ve seen it. recommending Inside Outside by Gila Manolson

  26. WOW. I am Jewish and very proud of it. Honestly half of my shirts are from my youth group or have Hebrew on them. If being Jewish is who you are, then BE PROUD. If someone doesn’t love you because of your personality then they don’t deserve to be with you. Maybe you need to find a Jewish guy. That will be something you have in common with each other.
    P.S. ignore anyone who’s comment is rude. They won’t help you unless their remarks make you strong instead of bringing you down.

  27. “condition”? are you serious?
    Condition has a negative connotation and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with being a Jew.

  28. Ive lived in such a closed community that I can say Ive never met a Jewish woman… But the dark hair and the dark skin is a turn on for me… Im so white and German, I am CLEAR. But at least I can say i have no hatred for any race.

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