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  1. I think one of the reasons my ‘best friend’ quit hanging out with me is because when we decided to start losing weight I’ve been losing whiles she’s been gaining. You shouldn’t dislike people just because they are trying to get into shape. It’s not like life is a competition.

  2. 3 things…

    1. Interesting that this secret has the most comments I’ve ever seen on a postsecret, tells you something about society, no?
    2. I’d like to mention that genetics is NOT “an excuse” but a genuine stumbling block for many overwieght people. It causes people to be predisposed to weight gain (thats why you get those friends who can eat and eat and eat, do very little exercise and remain “skinny” while others eat minimally, work out regularly and lose as little as 2lb per week) Its unfair to marginalise these people simply because of the family they were born into, if you thought racism was bad try being on the receiving end of fatist comments.
    3. BUT the world is unfair, the same way some people are just not bright and others have high intellect, and if it bothers you that much you can overcome genetics by working hard (you may have to work harder than most but, hey, life’s a bitch right?)

  3. Wow. When I saw this secret I almost started crying. This is totally how I feel too.. And sometimes I feel like my friends only keep me around because I’m smart and they know I’ll help and do pretty much anything for them. It doesn’t often seem they I’m their friend because they just want to hang out with me. And what makes it even worse is a couple of my friends always seem to think it’s funny to give my cell # to the “gross” guys that they would never consider. One gave my # to a guy she met yesterday and I’m just waiting to find out what’s wrong with him… That’s one of the things that hurts the worst, I’m never their first choice and they always give me their garbage….Writing this made me realize how true all that really is. I can’t wait until I go off to college so I can just start over! Hopefully it’ll be better then.

  4. I swear I’m NOT trying to rub this in ANYONES face. I’ve always been naturally the thinnest out of all my friends; I am just like my mother used to be when she was my age. I’ve been a size 1 for over 4 years, I’m 5 foot 2 inches and I do like the size I am and I feel like my really fast metabolism is a gift, but I always hurt inside whenever someone tells me they wish they were my size. Especially when they’re already thin themselves… that just scares me…

    PS: I secretly hate other skinny girls… I don’t know why… I just have this image that they’re really really mean. Which is why I hang out with bigger girls… and I’m terrified they think this postsecret statement of me now.

  5. Thank you, Lee, for not getting all defensive and jumpy at Scottt’s post.
    Some people are just ignorant, and that’s no good reason to get fired up. That’s what trolls do.

    Scottt, not all fat people are fat because they don’t control their eating, and some people are fat because they overeat because they simply have no physical control over it. Some people are fat due to circumstances beyond their control, like a slow metabolic rate. It could be psychological, a defense mechanism, a comfort thing. It could be a gland problem, it could be a chemical imbalance, or it could be, like you pointed out, the fact that they simply don’t bother to control it.

    The OP could also simply be average sized and hang around with friends who are extremely thin.

    The point is, in the future, it would be wise to think before you speak. Many people seem incapable of doing that nowadays.

  6. I’m the skinny one my friends are jealous of. I have a secret eating disorder- and I’m jealous of your health.

  7. i jus dont like all my freinds period,..but i stay freinds with them becuase i have no other freinds to hang with and talk to.

  8. My friend has anorexia, and is terribly terribly skinny… and no matter how much I try to talk her out of it, I am totally and utterly jealous.

  9. I know how you feel. I’m 5’10” and weigh 178 pounds. I’m actually in good shape, just got out of boot camp, but no matter how in shape i am I’m still bigger than every girl i make friends with. I was literally the biggest girl in boot camp, even though there were other girls that were in worse shape. I hate my body type…

  10. Welcome to my world all my friends are sticks and eat watever they want and also they think their better than me when im the smart one and who sings really well and can sing them high notes!! Anyways whenever i like a guy they all suddently like him then they tell him that i like him and im like wat the hell u b$$$$ wat kind of friend does that and guess what they always laugh when a guy makes fun of me or there boyfriends call me fat!! But thank goodness im going to highsholl !! Grade 9 here i come and also there all going to there home schools cuz there dumb but i got accepted to all of the best school! Hopefull ill be sucessful as a singer lol!! Even my parentz and sibling but watch one day ill be on ellen singing!! Yes!!!!

  11. Smart one hey?
    I weep for the future.
    Learn to spell please.
    Maybe your “friends” do things like that because you’re not the best friend yourself?
    Good luck on the singing thing, but first work on being a person please.
    I apologize if you were just venting and are a human being, please ignore this then, and get some new friends.

  12. does anyone else think this is asshole-ish but me? i’m skinny 115 lb 5’1 and growing up i was told i was ugly from the time i was 3 up till 17, though looking back most of it was shit like this from bigger girls and some was because of by race (you know how that is in the south) the rest from people who looked a lot older for their age. i dont give a shit about the shared secret, hey it’s her fucking secret lay the hell off, but the rediculous comments are pathetic (exept for the ones who have shity friends that’s more sad than pathetic, grow some balls already kid there are way too many people in the world to fuck with those losers). i mean come on you have friends who care for you and you hate them yea that’s cute have no self esteeme AND have an ugly personality that’ll definetly make your life easier in an overly judgementall world. what, you can seriously sit there and not say your an jealous loser who tries to act like you cool with your shit but oh, it’s still alright to hate my friends who’ve got my back for something as foolish as bieng thin. get atta here with that wild ass nonsence. not very convincing in the “happy with yourself department”.

  13. You know, I’m a skinny girl. And I’m so tired of my ‘friends’ being downright mean to me about my body. I don’t hate you because of your weight, but it’s completely acceptable for you to hate me because of mine. I’m about to just cut ties with my overweight friends. This kind of thing has happened to me too frequently. People constantly hating me and talking crap about me because I’m underweight. Well fuck you and fuck people who are like you.

  14. I was you… until one day I stopped eating so I wouldnt have to hate them anymore. and then my friends hated me…. until heart stopped beating and i spent three days in the hospital being force fed.

  15. I know this feeling, believe me..
    I am a size 16, my best friend is a size 6/8 UK sizes.
    She is more than half my size but I don’t let it bother me because i wouldn’t change her for the world..she is what’s keeping me going.
    It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, if you get on..the friendship should last forever…

  16. I’m sorry but i feel like i have to say something here. STOP looking at other people’s success as a downfall in your own life! If they’re in shape than you can be to. Just stop playing the fucking victim.

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