I post secrets nearly everyday

I post secrets nearly everyday

I post secrets nearly everyday

No one knows

They never get posted.

But I know they’re our there.

8 Comments on “I post secrets nearly everyday

  1.  by  TxT

    At least this one’s been read.
    I think the best thing is not seeing your secret, but being strong enough to send it off.

  2.  by  Amy

    Definately agree with you there..
    I have a secret but right now I’m too scared to send it.. hopefully soon I’ll be able to..

  3.  by  Alyssa Frost

    At least you send your’s in. I’m so afraid that I don’t send mine in and I don’t post them. You’re very brave.

  4.  by  CL

    I’m not surprised you don’t send then in.

    I just checked this site out today for the first time and it seems to be a place where people practice there judgement, rather then a place where people celebrate the diversity of the humna experience.

  5.  by  Anonomus

    I will post mine
    When I find the words to put it into context

  6.  by  NoOne Worth Knowing

    I know what you mean, i sent in a few and i havent seen one of mine…even though i dont want people to know who i am when i send them. i still want to see them. Then maybe someone would have the same secret and mean something to them that i posted it. So not only would i be helping myself but i can help someone else not feel alone.

  7.  by  YourNameHere

    Yeah, I’ve sent a few myself. They haven’t been posted, maybe my secrets are boring? Maybe they have been posted before, either way, I love going on PostSecret anyways.

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