I hang out with my best friend and her boyfriend every weekend

I hang out with my best friend and her boyfriend every weekend

I hang out with my best friend and her boyfriend every weekend

he disgusts me

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  1.  by  Lori Ann

    My best friend’s BF is a total jerk and treats her like crap. When we hang he acts like an idiot every time. But she loves him. Hmph.

  2.  by  Nope

    I live with mine. He’s terrible. She doesn’t see it.

  3.  by  blehh

    I know this feeling, my roommates boyfriend is a total dick and now she’s moving in with him and leaving me :@

  4.  by  I Know

    OMG I know how you feel. My best friend is also my college dorm room roommate. It is so hard to be around her and him. He is terrible to her! Supposedly, she loves him, but I don’t believe it for a second! This is her first looooove (or so she thinks). But there is no way. He treats her like crap and she doesn’t even see it. I hope they break up! They NEED to!

  5.  by  yep

    my sister is in love with her boyfriend of nearly 2 and a half years.
    he spends all of his time at our house.
    i was glad when they split up last week.
    he’s such a jerk.

  6.  by  anon

    I hate my friend’s boyfriend. He is the reason that she has bulimia.

  7.  by  /b/

    I was an asshole 2 my ex Girfriend all the time.
    I would threatin 2 kill my self just 2 hear hur say “I love you”.
    I would go out with hur and break up with hur all the time and treat hur like shit.
    So I broke up with hur and made hur hate me and dropped off the face of the earth so she would never find me and I could never hurt hur again.

  8.  by  mat

    Maybe he would just like some alone time with his girlfriend. Stop being the third wheel.

  9.  by  Elizabeth Grace

    my best friend is pregnant and marrying her idiot of a boyfriend and it breaks my heart

  10.  by  Y0urC4nc3r

    It’s sad to see your friend’s fall for the wrong person… someone who doesn’t treat them right.. It’s hard because no matter what you say or try to do to show them what a jerk/bitch (s)he is… They won’t be able to see it because they love them so much… When you’re in love it’s hard to see things for the way they are. :/

  11.  by  Amy

    Definately – that happened to me before

  12.  by  nameless

    i really hope that i dont know you

  13.  by  Whim

    from selfish to selfless
    I admire you

  14.  by  Marisa

    I would get tired of being a third wheel.
    Maybe if you make a double date out of it, he’ll act different for the sake of being polite?

  15.  by  noname

    I know EXACTLY how you feel.
    My best friend’s boyfriend is a complete asshole, treats her like shit and blames everything on her and her friends.
    She always talks about how in love with him she is! He is her second boyfriend. Ever. It’s so frustrating.
    Not only that, she dismisses every dick move he pulls with “oh, well, he’s just a boy.”
    I have plenty of guys friends who are nothing like him. It’s not a boy thing, it’s a douchebag thing.
    God, I HATE him.

  16.  by  Zack M


  17.  by  Alison

    I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! my best mate who’s also my cousin dated my ex. i dumped him after 6 days so it doesn’t count really. but the reason why was cause he has a history of hitting his girls and he slapped me one day. i dumped him on the spot. she knew about it too, but didnt seem to care…he was her first boyfriend and her first EVERYTHING. it pained me to see her with such an arse!

  18.  by  Anon

    Hey, I’ve got a great idea.

    How about PostSecretArchive starts archiving the content from PostSecret on a weekly basis so that I can save the secret that the woman I love and let go sent in?

  19.  by  Candace

    My bestfriend has made so many bad decisions, including dating the same jerk 8 times.
    He’s cheated on her, used her to cheat on someone else, and I’m sick of it.
    So, I no longer talk to her, although she does have a fling with my brother now :/

  20.  by  lily

    UGH. i know EXACTLY what you mean!! my best friend’s douche boyfriend asked her to homecoming by making her a cake that said “homecuming?” -_- she said it’s just because “he’s a guy.”

  21.  by  unknown

    my best friend got pregnant and married to her physically and mentally abusive boyfriend, then he cheated on her with men, yet they still tried making it work. his family suggested therapy. wtf

  22.  by  Rufus

    Rubbish. Someone has “Nice Guy” (TM) syndrome methinks…

  23.  by  Jennifer

    I’m thinking the poster needs to find something else to do. I had a best friend who wanted to hang out with my boyfriend and I ALL THE TIME. She’d invite herself to all kinds of stuff and sulk when she couldn’t come along. He’s such a sweetie, but I’m sure she was completely jealous of him. I kept waiting for HER to get a boyfriend, but she never did. Sigh… so I dropped the friendship. A friend should not constantly tag along with you and your man!

  24.  by  Frances

    I used to have a best friend until he took her away from me. Now she has lost a stone and a half and hes this dodgy bump in her stomach. She has no friends because he drove them all away from her. I hate them bothequally now. I wish he would drop dead.

  25.  by  :)

    so my bestfriend has a boyfriend of 2 months, or whatever theyve already had sex everytime they hangout and all he wants is tits and ass. i told her that i HATE her boyfriend and I will not be put in the same room as him, but she doesn’t understand. he even was gonna cheat on her with this girl, and she found it! we saw chatlogs and we even talked to the girl! and shes still with him! gah. this just rattles me.
    like he doesnt ever let us hangout and now shes changing herself to fit him..
    fml! :/

  26.  by  nameless

    thats exactly what happenneed to my friend!
    i feel your pain <3 hope shes better now

  27.  by  Km

    god, mines such a jerk!
    but their in “love” so i have to put up with him.
    He tried to take advantage of her well she was drunk (shes very christian and wants to wait till marriage, which he knows) i wanted to beat him up! How can someone who loves her so much try to do this?

  28.  by  Shell

    My best friends bf is a piece of shit. he makes her steal from her family. he tried having sex with me. she caught him having sex with an underage girl. she took out 14 check in the cash place for him. he needs to drop dead! and i hope my friend gets pregnant and names the baby travis and the baby comes out a dirty fire crotch with no soul!

  29.  by  Leavy

    Been there.
    Try to support you’re friend (except when he’s an ass, doesn’t deserve her and better leave right away; of ocurse) and ignore him. You kind of learn to do that.

    Because you know what they say; love is blind. She’ll notice his douchebag-y-ness soon enough.

  30.  by  G

    My best friend in highschool’s boyfriend was always way too affectionate with me – like he was with his girlfriend. I didn’t know what to do, so I just avoided being alone with him as much as possible.

  31.  by  leena

    my problem is that i can see everything, but i still cant stop. it’s like i’m addicted to making him happy, even though i know it’s killing me…

  32.  by  Brandi

    Something like this happened to me, except the other way around.

    My best guy friend has had nasty girlfriend.

    She cheats.
    She treats him like crap.
    She doesn’t love him.

    But I think I do.

  33.  by  Unknown

    Maybe he should grow up and speak up, if that’s what he wants. She doesn’t even enjoy being around him, so I doubt she would mind.

  34.  by  CD

    Oh my God, I know. My friend’s BF cheats and treats her like shit.

  35.  by  l8tr

    That’s sad. It’s horrible that you treated her like that, but it’s good that you turned around and left so you couldn’t cause her anymore pain. If only every idiotic boyfriend could do that.

  36.  by  Mark

    dont you absolutely hate that?
    one of my good friends has a terribly shitty boyfriend. but she, however, is amazing

  37.  by  dee*

    my best friend’s boyfriend has cheated her, called her fat, stopped her from talking to her, regularly calls her a whore and he has told at least 3 people she knows that she means nothing to him and he’d drop her in a heart beat…. .. .. she blames us sometimes but i don’t even care .. i’ll take the abuse from her just so that she’ll stay in my life where me and my friends can keep her safe…

  38.  by  BestWishes0099

    I dont even speak to my bestfriend anymore because of her boyfriend.. He cheats on her, steals from her, and does large amounts of drugs. She loves him and knows about all of it. I am sadly starting to believe she is addicted to the hurt and the drama..

  39.  by  ShesElectric

    My best friend is engaged… She’s 17 and they are so dependant on eachother it deeply sickens me.

  40.  by  falafel

    Stop being such a jealous fuck. Your best friend is picking her man over you, exactly the way it should go. Why don’t you go find a cock to suck on so you’ll know what its like and understand why she’d rather spend time with her boyfriend than with you. It’s as simple as that.

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