22 thoughts on “I drink to forget you”

  1. I did the same for some months, till I realized that every time I woke up after getting drunk, my memories of her would be even stronger.

  2. don’t we all! and if he’s alone he’ll talk about how much he wants to see me…if he’s with his girlfriend…he always blows me off!

  3. Come on now do you think that drinking is really going to help you. No its going to kill you, so if thats what you want to do to yourself, why dont you go jump off a bridge or something.
    Do you honesty think that the other person your trying to forget is doing the same thing, drinking to forget you, if they are, then they would be with you, not killing themselves because they want to be with you so bad.
    Get STRONG, turn your life around and change cause your the only person that could make yourself happy not the bottle.

  4. Wow Cindy, don’t be so rude. This is a place for people to share their secrets, not for people to attack those who decide to send them in…

  5. I drink to have fun, but in the end I always end up calling him… I’m scared one times I call he will have blocked my number

  6. I drank to forget him.
    It turns out it was the drink that drove him away.
    I can safely say, it’s the biggest mistake I’ve ever made.
    All I can tell you is that you will stop.
    You will learn that it’s not doing you good, this secret is just the begining.
    Then you’ll know you’re ready to get over him rather than running away.

    That feeling is a huge relief.

  7. dude i’ve been hoping this would go away for me, 2 weeks later and i still haven’t had a sober night….

  8. Something I have to remember each time I drink is to have my good friends there to stop me from calling him once I’ve had too many. They usually deter me from calling him, not always, but, it is your life and you will do what you want. Keep giving it time and space, if you stop texting/calling him for one month and after that one month he doesn’t call, move on to better things because you will spend your life wasting it on the man you thought was “the one”, don’t you think “the one” would stick around and profess his love for you if you really believed in your heart he was the one? Good luck girl.

  9. my boyfriend broke up with me and did that for a while.
    i knew he was in pain and that he never wanted to hurt me, so i talked him through every drunken panic attack.
    he said he didn’t want to “drag me down with him”.
    he finally accepted that i would be there for him through everything and i was strong enough to handle whatever life throws at me.
    we’ve been back together for two years and he apologizes almost everyday. he doesn’t drink when he’s upset anymore.
    i don’t doubt that we love each more than anything.

  10. I feel so sad for you. I’m having flashbacks of my life 20 years ago. I was hurt very badly by a man I loved so dearly…and he rejected me. I was pregnant too. I dranked for a good 4 years out of lonliness and depression and also dranked to try and cope with the pain of not being with him. I nearly destroyed my life over him and the repucussion of that drinking lasted longer…over the next 2 decades. My life is good now. I did end up back with him 10 years later and married him, but I realized I had grown up and no longer desired him. I knew this even before I married. I divorced him a year later. There is not a day that went by for the past 2 decades where I cannot believe I destroyed my life over him with drinking. He was not worth it at all!! I want to tell you…I know its hard to believe, but you’re better off without him. Go on with your life and be happy. There is someone out there for you that is better for you and better than him. Don’t call him, erase him and stay away from the alcohol for now. Surround yourself with friends. You will be ok. I learned the hard way!!! Hang in there sweetie, I’ll be praying for you.

  11. Everyone repeat after me…. I will not drink and dial!!!!

    Health issues aside, you are never at the top of your game when you are drunk, you just sound either crazy or pathetic. That is not the way to get them back.

  12. Ah, I’m one of the ones that gets called. I love it, just as much as I love you (but seriously, you shouldn’t need the alcohol!)

  13. I did that but my drunk mind still remembered his number.
    3 years later (2 of them dating his bestfriend, and him just gettin out of a serious 2 year relationship) we find ourselves in the exact same position….and it kills me

  14. i did the same thing for a year and i realized i was making myself look stupid so i stopped.. now i have a bf and he makes me cry more than i did when i was drunk

  15. i did this the other night, biggest mistake of my life, second day of school, he comes up to me to tell him eveything i said, i cant tell my new boyfriend, because i know it will tear him up inside, i kinda meant what i told him that night on my phone

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