14 thoughts on “i don’t tell people how I feel”

  1. I don’t tell people how I feel because I am afraid it will drive them away. I have lost people in the past because they could not deal with the difficulties of my life, did not agree with my feelings, or took them as something against themselves.

  2. i’ve stopped talking about me because i realized that no one is interested. not even him.

    now i just carve the words into my skin.

  3. I talk faster when I’m talking about myself because I don’t think that anyone really cares
    He figure out why I talk so fast and told me so slow down, and that he’ll always have time to listen to me
    People are more interested than you think

  4. I’m afraid to tell people too, for the same reason. I’m afraid they won’t care what I have to say when it’s important to me.

    And I can’t wait til I find my “he” who tells me he’ll always have time to listen to me.

  5. Most people are only interested in talking and hearing about themselves. sit back and listen, it can be surprising what you learn about humans.

  6. I won’t get bored if you tell me. Wish I had someone to tell how i feel. I miss you and how close we once were, wish I could change the past…im sorry. Im always here, don’t be afraid. <3 LCA

  7. The first word that came to mind when I read this- YES!!
    I can understand this, because when you talk to people who have “real” problems about the stresses in your life it just seems… petty. And even though your problems are real to you, they’re just boring, everyday life for other people. So you just bottle everything up and pretend its all ok.

  8. i know exactly how that is, because i do the exact same thing.
    the funny thing is, i told my ‘best friend’ this, & she said she’d
    let me vent to her anytime, she’s the person who always seems to get
    bored with it.

  9. Don’t see why I’d tell someone I don’t know about how I feel. However, I could tell all my friends how I feel and they’d be understanding. Bored or not, I don’t care! They have no choice :)!

  10. I don’t like feeling that I burden people. So, if they seem bored with it, there’s nothing that I want to tell them. She’s not my best friend anymore anyway. But, I think it might be for the best. My real friends let me tell them anything I want and they’ll always listen.

  11. I feel the same way. Im afraid they would say that poeple have other problems bigger than mine or for me to get over it.

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