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  1. 🙁 I really hope this isn’t from my sister. Faith is beautiful, whether it’s faith *in* something or *not* in something – both are faith, both require conviction, both demand courage. Just because your faith is different than mine doesn’t make it something to be ashamed of.

  2. Don’t be ashamed of your faith. My sister is an atheist and I respect her belief. I also believe that God will show her the way and that gives me peace with her belief.

  3. That’s awfully disrespectful, Fia. Telling an atheist that “god” will show them the way. What’s wrong with you? That’s the ultimate show of disrespect to an atheist. Wow.

    To the poster of the secret: I’m an atheist, but I encourage everyone not to let anything anyone says change you, your beliefs, or your thoughts. THAT is the ultimate sin, changing who you are, or being ashamed of yourself, based on someone else’s view.

  4. if you’re ashamed than maybe you’re not really totally faithful in God.

    my sister’s an agnostic more on the atheist side i think though, we dont really talk about it, but I am so proud to be a Catholic!

    pray a hail mary everyday, please, it will help.

  5. Open your closed mind and look past the words. Saying “I hope God will show them the way” is showing genuine concern and care for that person. What would be disrespectful is saying “I hope God damns him/her to hell for not believing.”

  6. my sister is agnostic and I’m a pretty strong believer in the catholic faith. Its weird when religion is brought up around her because she kind of bashes it with her husband around me. I’m kind of afraid to take her on and sometimes I get enough courage to. She used to have so much faith and that’s what bothers me. Its like she doesn’t even remember why she believed so strongly and now she thinks its just dumb. I really hate that. I wish she would just start going to church again.

  7. Oh, dear, that old chestnut. Oddly enough, some of us are able to make up our own minds, and still somehow come to a different conclusion to you.

  8. Well, to be fair, Im an atheist, and I used to believe in God quite firmly. However, I think its very wrong for her to bash religion around you. I know personally I respect other peoples’ choices no matter what. I even have many religious friends and attend a catholic school. Everyone knows I’m an atheist, but I’m always very respectful, so they reciprocate. However, by your last comment it sounds like maybe you don’t respect her decision either? Perhaps you both need to respect and support each other a little more.

  9. “you don’t stand for something, you fall for anything”

    public enemy’s harder than you think.

  10. no, it is disrespectful because it would be like me saying to a religious person “i hope you see past your ignorance”.

  11. This is a selfish thought. Right now you believe that your sister is going to hell? What if there is no god? What if christianity is the WRONG path for her?

  12. Please don’t feel ashamed of what you believe in. I’m an atheist and personally, I would feel horrible if I tried to force someone to believe what I understand to be true. This is your faith and if you want to erase the shame, learn more about your religion, confirm that it is true, and strengthen your own beliefs. Don’t let anyone tell you what to believe–not atheists or Christians or anyone else. Although this may sound harsh, whatever the truth is, you need to find it yourself.

  13. Well that’s what faith is isn’t it? It’s not selfish, its faithful, and just because you don’t have enough of it to understand, doesn’t mean you have to bash everyone else down. Kthanks. (:

  14. I dont like to think of my self as an athiest its just another label, but i think if what you believe in makes you truly happy then it can only be a good thing and i would never want to take that away from a person even if i think my way of thinking is right…

  15. My brother is an Athiest and we can’t talk about religion in any way, because I don’t want him to think I’m mad at him, and he doesn’t want to be a jerk in anyway.

    I used to be an Atheist, but here I am. I’m going to become a Catholic and maybe one day a nun. All you have to do is push forward. One day, you and your sister will come to terms with your differences and learn to love each other deeply for them. Don’t give up hope. 🙂

  16. im a proud christan with a very hardcore chrstian family background , i was always told to find a CHRISTIAN guy if not my life will be ruined.. i never been ashamed of my relgion and thankfull i always had christian bf.. not that i was lookin for one.. but go figure the man that i am with now and i want to marry doesnt quite believe in GOD.. not athiest just umm i really dont know….. he used to be a christian BUT somethin happend i TOTALLY respect his choices n believes and he supports n respects my believes 🙂

  17. I’m personally an atheist, but if you believe in God I’m not going to stop you. Also, I think that your comment seems rather mean towards your sister.. hoping that God will show her the way?? That’s completely disrespectful to her beliefs. I think that if you’re her sister and you really love her you should respect her choice in life and not try to change what she is. That’s very inconsiderate.

  18. That’s HORRIBLE to say. If you’re her sister you should respect her beliefs even though you don’t share them.

  19. It’s not selfish, exactly. It’s terrifyingly overconfident and aggressive. You accept and respect her belief, sounds great. You just happen to think its fundamentally wrong (still not that bad), and hope that God shows her the true path. What would your response be if you learned that she was hoping for you to lose your faith, to deny God? Unless you can truly accept someone wanting that for you, you’re a rather dangerous breed of hypocrite…

  20. Saying that she wants god to show her the way, If I was ever to say it would be like saying. “I don’t want you to go to hell, and would like it better if you stayed with me in heaven where we can be happy together.”
    Yes, you don’t believe our way, but I wouldn’t want my family members dying and never knowing what I know. 😀
    Happy Christmas!

  21. please don’t ever be ashamed of your faith in God…he is real and not ashamed of his faith in you. love to you

  22. It’s the opposite for me. I’m ashamed to be an atheist because my brothers are hard core religious and ridicule me for my dis-belief. I always keep to myself, but they are the ones who bring the subject to the table.

  23. Remember this quote:

    People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road, doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost. -Dalai Lama

    Or that you have gotten lost because you are not on the same path as others.

  24. Ooompahpah, I don’t think she’s “telling” her sister that God will show her the way. What she actually said was, “God will show her the way and that gives me peace with her belief.”

    Fia believes in a God (I’m assuming) who loves His children and wants to one day welcome them into His eternal kingdom. She’s praying for her sister. I pray for non-believers all the time. Do I force them to listen to me preach or drag them to my church. No, of course not. I know that that would just turn them off even farther.

    But, because I do believe in God, I believe that those who accept the Lord will spend forever in heaven. I know you don’t believe in heaven. But if you did believe in heaven, wouldn’t you want your friends and family to be in heaven? Would you want them to suffer for eternity. I just want the best for everyone I know. I personally don’t think this is “selfish” or “disrespectful.”

    Again, I know that you don’t believe that. But, just for a moment, try to imagine that you do.

    What would YOU want for those closest to you?

  25. shut up all of you stop fighting over religion and get out of other peoples buisness. If you really respected someones religion you wouldn’t bash it or judge it. I’m catholic and only God can judge. (If your atheist this doesn’t have to apply to you) So what if she wants God to show her sister the way its her way of thinking if your atheist it doesn’t mean you need to talk about it like you understand everything about someone elses religion its what she believes and was taught just like if you said you wanted someone to be atheist it was your way of thinking how you were taught. It doesn’t mean you need to tell her she was wrong it was her way she was taught and her faith and what she believes is what she believes. Deal with it!

  26. My little sister and I are both agnostic, as was our mother. Sis leans more towards atheism and that’s fine, I love and respect her all the same. Now, because we’re sisters…of course we do fight, but not about that. 🙂

  27. I’m Orthodox and feel my faith is really weak compared to others. I am learning to humble myself and ask Him to help me get closer to Him. If you do the same, He would never deny you that. Maybe when you two are really close, she will see a change in you and you won’t be so ashamed anymore. He wouldn’t want His children feeling ashamed of loving Him. “Always preach God’s Word, and only when necessary use words.”
    Keep up your faith! You encourage others like me! <3!

  28. I am a bit worried about the fire depicted in this PC. Hell fire is one of the things that make faith serious and, and IMO, wicked. Or is it the warm and cozy sort? I am an atheist but would hope that a sibling of mine would enjoy or feel firm in his/ her faith. It sounds as tho you are not enjoying yours – I am glad that you are talking about it and that you find yourself and a better relationship with yr sister.

  29. Letting children chosoe their own religion may seem to be a logical choice, but children rarely know how to chosoe anything of vital importance. It’s probably best to raise them in a mildly religious atmosphere. Taking them to Sunday School is a good idea. There are many religions, so as they grow up, they will most likely find one adaptable to them. As long as you remain open to their decisions it should be fine. But of course, we are talking theoretically. References :

  30. Christin I love the pics!! Thanks so much for spending the time with us, we had a blast! Faith is all into posnig now daddy got a new camera so at least he will have a good subject to experiment with!

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