34 thoughts on “You might be my best friend’s boyfriend”

  1. Wow. That must hurt, wanting him but knowing the mess it would make if you acted on it. And knowing he’s with someone else, regardless of who. Ouch.

  2. I thought the purpose of this website is to feel solidarity with those who have posted secrets because everybody has them and they’re not always pleasant. It’s not to judge to people starrgirl or mari.

  3. all u pple. quit judging, geez, u who call names on this website r being mean and i hope u realize that and soon

  4. I did it too. I don’t know if it was worth it…….I wish I could say that it wasn’t, but part of me says it was….

  5. I did it too. I don’t know if it was worth it…….I wish I could say that it wasn’t, but part of me says it was…..

  6. people who leave comments tearing down people because of their secrets should not be on this website.
    they obviously do not get the point of this website and that pisses me off.
    im sure the people who leave those comments do shitty things too and are not perfect either.

  7. And I’ve wanted to do the same before but she was not my best friend but just a mutual friend. her boyfriend and I had sex she found out two years later, after we became more close of friends; she hates me and won’t accept an apology, so think about your sexual feelings and how they will affect your emotional feelings.

  8. I’m the boyfriend in this situation–except I’m a girl.

    All of my boyfriend’s friends want to sleep with me, and he thinks it’s positively hilarious because I love him more than anything and they have no chance.

    Once, they came over while I was getting out of the shower, and so I had just put on my panties and a bra, and he insisted I walk around the house like that just to drive them mad.

    I feel sorry for you.

  9. Yeah i want my boyfriends brother too…
    i feel like he is the one i should have ended up with

  10. i did it. it was the most fantastic sex i’ve ever had in my life.
    they were on a “break” so that she could sleep with my housemate without feeling guilty.

  11. I felt the same way… and you know what, we fell in love.
    My best friend gave her blessing when she saw how much happier he was with me. Give it a chance, you never know.

  12. She’s not a slut or a bad friend. I understand where she’s coming from. I fell in love with my best friend’s boyfriend 3 months before they started dating but was too afraid to tell anyone in case he laughed in my face. Now they’re blissfully happy together and I’m so jealous it’s unbelievable. I still love my best friend so much though and would never wish anything bad on her, so I keep my feelings to myself (and postsecret)

  13. Did you actually do it? Btw this kind of things aren’t as bad as some things people do!!

  14. promiscuous makes you sound like you’re assuming it’s a woman.
    this comment makes you sound like you’re being judgmental.

  15. i had sex with my boyfriends best friend. i did it because i was really attracted to his friend and to get back at my boyfriend for something terrible he did to me. although i am completely aware that two wrongs dont make a right, i cant say i regret doing this even though the quality (and quantity if you know what i mean) of the sex wasnt worth it. i do regret though hurting their friendship and trust. i wouldnt know what to do if i found out the table was turned. i wish i would have just stuck with fantasizing. so thats my advice to you i guess, just stick with fantasizing. it keeps you in the know as well about your body. you dont know where said friend has been or anything. having feelings like that doesnt make you a bad person at all. its natural to have feelings of arousal when seeing someone who is attractive. i wish i would have told myself sooner, tame the animal inside.

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