22 thoughts on “You broke your promise.”

  1. we were young. i didn’t think i’d have to keep it. i would apologize, but you don’t talk to me anymore.

  2. I feel the same exact way. You broke your promise to marry me, you fucking Liar.

    And sometimes I kinda want to cut off your dick.

  3. if you were ‘young’ then why did you make the promise in the first place? thats no excuse, youre a dick.

  4. hahaaaa
    oh wow.
    memories oh memories.

    we weren’t good together
    i was never in love with you
    only the thought of you.

    you swooned me with your words
    and i fell into it.
    im so stupid sometimes.
    but im glad it’s all over with.

  5. He promised me I’d be his only. That is all I really wanted from him, for him to love me and only me in return. He was high, but that isn’t an excuse for hurting me.
    Don’t blame the drugs.
    Please just say sorry.

  6. wow i feel you whoever you are. my ex said the same thing to me (sorta what he just said) and it sure does bring back some memories.

  7. I was 14 and my ex promised he’d love me forever and that he’d propose to me extremely early so I would move back to be with him.

    I didn’t keep it, in fact I refused to have unprotected sex with him and he dumped me.

    I asked him why and he would tell me, my ‘friends’ were his messengers and told me later, that he was only lying so I would shut up for once.

    I hate the bastards guts. And I hope he fucking chokes.

  8. he promised i was his one and only true love, that he’d wait to marry me, that he’d be single for the rest of his life if we broke up. and then he broke all three promises by cheating

  9. i finally realized that i had to break a promise in order to keep the one i made first. it was the only way you’d be proud of me

  10. I am going through this right now actually. He just keeps breaking promises and I really hope that’s the last I’ll let him break…he might not even come back at all like he promised he would so I guess…idk…

  11. I know I did, and I’m so sorry I made it in the first place. I just didn’t want to hurt you. I know that sounds silly now, because obviously it just hurt you more in the end. I never meant to break my promise, but I did. I’m so sorry.

  12. i made this two years ago and i still hold a hate in my heart for him.
    i can’t believe you broke your promise.
    you shouldn’t be kissing that bitch in the picture.
    you just HAD to date a girl with the same name as me.
    i’ve let go of all my grudges i’ve ever held in my life, except for you.
    i will always have a grudge towards you.
    you broke your fucking promise.
    you said i was irreplaceable
    you said no one could ever replace me.
    then you date her?
    you said you’d wait for me.
    no one waits forever.
    go suck a dick you asshole.

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