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  1. I don’t really like most of my friends either. I just don’t know if I could do any better, and I think that is really sad!

  2. I know what you mean. One of my oldest friends I can’t even stand, I think we’re just going through the motions now.

  3. I have had a couple friends who lied to me about their friendship to me. For the 6 years we were friends they never really liked me. I trusted them with my deepest secrets. I felt betrayed and because of this, I have never trusted anyone since. I wish they would have been up front with me and not lied to my face.

  4. this is sad, a girl who i thought was my friend has now made all of the other people who i thought were my friends, hate me. i feel alone

  5. I feel the exact same way… I don’t know if I’m friends with these people because I’m trying to hold on to the way things use to be or if I was only ever their friends cuz I needed someone to hangout with. The bad thing about it is. I don’t feel bad/sorry at all for not liking them

  6. when i was 11 years old
    i had a friend,
    my only friend
    she didnt like me
    and i liked her.
    when we went to high school
    [ in the u.k we change over at 11]
    i didnt speak to her.
    shes now dating my best friend.
    i could kill her for what she did to me.

    i feel bad for the person on the other end of that freindship

  7. I was the one who made this and I made friends with him when we were young to be in the “in crowd” and be putting up with his shit in order to stay popular. I don’t like any of my friends. All they do is complain about how bored they are all the time. I never have fun with them, but I guess I’m just that shallow.

  8. Exactly the same here, she keeps telling me that I am going to be her first child’s god-mother, that I will be there at her wedding, little does she know, I am using her for cigarettes, weed, booze, and the possibility of hooking up sexually with her little sister some day. She knows I’m bi, and hits on me all the time…

  9. shes my best friend. iv known her forever. tell her everything. do everything with her. and tell everyone she is my best friend. it seems perfect but some days i really cant stand even having her two face around.

  10. I realized I was just as tired of “being” friends with people I really did not like (little lone respect), as I was of “having” friends that did not like me. I sold my house, left my husband and told everyone I was moving out of state (I moved across town). I am mostly alone now and I discovered I LIKE ME ALOT. I will be a GREAT friend to someone that I like and respect and until I find that person, I will just spend my time alone learning to be a friend to myself. I am alone and have never been happier.

  11. We’ve all done this at one point in time.
    Still do it.
    We use our resources to get what we want.
    Human Nature.

  12. I do EVERYTHING for my best friend so that he’s happy, he knows I care for him, and our friendship is good. He doesn’t even call me his best friend, even though I am the best friend he;s ever had.

    I hate not knowing what his feelings are towards me and I’m scared to death that he thinks this way.

  13. i completely agree with this …. for some odd reason i seem to have more fun by myself.. i enjoy the way i am and it seems as if sometimes when im around my friends they all pick on me and make me feel bad for who i really am. its almost as if they either want something from me or something else… i enjoy myself , i just wish i could enjoy myself along with other people… but its uncomforting to be around people because maybe i dont know who i am, deep down inside… ?

  14. My best friend said I wasn’t worth her energy… after being best friends for 6 years. I question all of my friendships now. Why would anyone want to be my friend?

  15. I’m still “friends” with her too…. I don’t know if it’s out of kindness or if I’m lazy to make friends..

  16. I dislike most of my “best friends” and am only friends with them because when I’m with them, I feel better about myself…
    I try to hang around with my other group of friends, but I never feel fully part of the group, so I have to make do with these people, otherwise I would have noone.

  17. I can agree with a lot of these comments. Its really sad to realize that best friends don’t really like you, but I can agree that I always feel so much more happier being alone. I just hope I can find someone someday who likes me for me and doesn’t use me for anything.

  18. i used to be exactly the same. it seemed we were going to be together forever. i wasn’t gaining anything personally from our friendship, i sacrificed so much for her. then she slept with my boyfriend. it took something as severe as that to get her out of my life. i still miss her sometimes though…

  19. My (second) best friend really pisses me off sometimes. I don’t know how much longer I’ll forgive her for being so rude to me. She gets angry at me for dumb reasons then minutes later acts like everything is OK. I can’t stand it.

  20. omg this is so true… ive been friends with my friend for 7 years too… and i just realized that i never really liked her

  21. my “best friend” of 4 years- uses me, makes me look rude and unfriendly, gossips and lies about me, tries to steal my boyfriend and friends, and manipulates it all to make me look like the bad one. I pretend not to notice because i’m afraid of her.

  22. I do have several friend who I love, and who I know love me, but my boyfriends best friend and I have incredible issues. We say we’re close, but I dislike her more than not, she’s a bitch to me more often than not, and I feel like if my boyfriend wasn’t involved, we would never speak to eachother again. Still, we go through the motions of friendship to make life easier for him. and sometimes I feel like she really does like me, and I’m a bad person for not wanting to be her friend. She’s a very unique person, and it’s impossible to know what she’s thinking, so sometimes I worry she really does like me, and I’m imagining the whole thing.
    I don’t think I am. Still, it stresses me out.

  23. I have a couple of friends who I don’t like that much, the crap kind of friend who would steal change from your house or tell stupid lies, but they’re still my friends, it just annoys me that I’d go to great lengths to be a good friend to them
    I can’t really help it, it just seems like a crappy thing to do to stop caring about them
    don’t get me wrong, I’ll tell them when they’re being assholes, in fact a lot of my friends don’t really like me because I’m so blunt (though the ones who are actually nice appreciate it), and if I caught them stealing like other people have when they’ve had them over I’d kick them out no question, I just don’t dislike them so much that I’d end our friendship, so I kind of sympathise

  24. I have a tendency to get into friendships where I either really hate the person at the start and end up close to them, or start off close to them and end up secretly hating them, regardless of this fact both these scenarios end up the same. Most of these so called friends have treated me like crap yet I still cling to their friendships and try to hold on when they start to slip away! In my life I have had about 8 of these friends and each of them have left my life. I used to think it was my fault but now I know it is their problem.

  25. The exact same thing happened to me. It sucked 🙁 I haven’t had a “best friend” since. I guess it’s because I just can’t bring myself to trust anybody that way again.

  26. I know how you feel. I am finally out of that friendship and I have never felt more free, making new friends is exciting and it’s an adventure I look forward to =]

  27. Is there anybody out there who have friends that they like? Isn’t part of being adult about being responsible for your feelings and not lying to others because you’re afraid of change?

  28. My friends stop talking to me as soon as they meet my wheelchair-bound sister and see me carrying her around, or they try to talk to my autistic brother.

    I don’t bring friends home.
    Mainly because I have none.
    And the only one I do have I hate so much that I love her. We’ve been friends for 7 years.

  29. I’ve been friends with a girl for 16 years. We were best friends for the longest time. But since we’ve been attending different colleges I’ve come to realize how much I’ve changed and that I just can’t call her my best friend anymore. I can’t respect her life choices or the way she can be rude to me in front of our friends and then act like nothing happened when we’re alone. She keeps texting me things like “I love you” and “You’re my best friend” and “I miss you” but I never respond in kind. When will she understand that I don’t feel that way anymore?! The only reason I haven’t outright told her yet is that I’m afraid she’d twist the truth and make me look like the bad guy to our other friends. I wouldn’t really mind being casual friends, but we have to be on the same page first.

  30. tell me about!! the only friend i had when i moved to where i am now is a total bitch, we still hang out, but we’re both changed so much and we hate each other, we just can’t tell each other that we don’t want to be friends anymore, even though we are both thinking it

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