7 thoughts on “The moment I told your best friend I didn’t love you….”

  1. i feel like this is going 2 happen 2 me cuz i’m so damn paranoid….i’m sorry this happened 2 u

  2. When I read this it totally hit me. I am the same way with my boyfriend. I don’t think I deserve him…And I don’t think we should be together. But he tells me loves me everyday and tells me there is no one else in this world for him; I can’t believe him. I know I’m hurting him by staying with him and telling him that I don’t want him would just make it worse. I just hope one day I can believe him and stop hurting him. Or at least get him to a point where he’ll stop loving me.

  3. No one can know how you feel. The pain you feel will never go away. The most you can do is hope that there is a God and that she still lives on somehow, and that she forgives you. Live every day for her. Never forget this feeling. Someday, it will be the only proof you have that you truly did love.

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    aww :c

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