18 thoughts on “Since we broke up”

  1. I know where you are, I was there not long ago. I went through 9 bottles of rum in 3 months, but I haven’t felt the need for a drink in weeks. Hopefully it will pass for you as it did for me. I’m still not over it, but I’m at least past the most painful part. Good luck.

  2. I drank for 3 years straight, I stoped over night, it’ll be 6 months this tuesday, her name is Stephanie.

  3. … this hit my heart like a brick wall…
    my story is much the opposite.
    my counter had been used to prepare more meals in the three months after the break up than the two years of the relationship.
    it took me only one week to not miss him
    2 months to to quit the habits he helped me have
    4 months to gain back the weight i lost from being with him due to stress, habits, and lack of funds. i finally felt pretty again
    6 months to find the man i will now spend the rest of my life with.
    a year after, when i imagine what my life would be like if i didn’t walk away, i cry harder than i ever did while walking away.

    and it took only 2 seconds for this post card to remind me how bad it was, and how good it is now.

    thank you.

  4. This looks like my ex-boyfriend’s counter.

    Here’s my secret-

    I still love him.

  5. Spiderface? I wish you hadn’t done what you did. We might have worked out and been very happy. I still haven’t found anyone who makes me laugh the way you do. You could be so much fun when you wanted.

    My heart has healed and I’m a better, happier person. Stop feeling bad and make something of yourself. I’ll always love you.

  6. i broke up with him because i thought he wasnt what i wanted
    he was crushed. hes moved on.
    all day everyday i think about him, and how much the pot helps.
    andrew. i miss you.

  7. this touched me so much, i cant get over my boyfriend but when i read this it almost makes me feel like if other people can do it i can,
    thank you so much.

  8. That’s rather amazing. I hope you can stay clean, both of you. Even if you don’t know them, everyone supports you.

  9. Somehow. I keep hoping this one’s for me. Tomorrow would have been our four year anniversary had he not have broken up with me. Missing him is still eating me up inside. Though, I’ve just tried to live with it.

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