Makes me smile

Makes me smile

I love it when you put smiley faces at the end of your texts. 🙂

9 Comments on “Makes me smile

  1.  by  Kirstyn

    I know exactly what you mean.When i get the smily faces i get butterflies even more than i had them originally

  2.  by  trevor

    me too, i try to use them often but to no avail

  3.  by  mandyy

    i miss smiley faces from someone who used to love me. they made the whole text smile like i shall make this post smile.

  4.  by  kezia

    i always put smileys to make people feel better

  5.  by  unimaginable

    🙂 The best gift you can give is a smile. Free, and simple yet can change someone’s entire day. 🙂 for all those reading this, go on pass one on smile at someone today. (:

  6.  by  you know who.

    he used the same smiley faces as the one on this postcard
    with the nose on them and stuff
    i wonder if another girl he texts made this.

  7.  by  arcadilia

    I use smiley faces like punctuation a lot; I often struggle to find other ways to end texts. I guess I should just stick with smileys =)

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