14 thoughts on “I’ve got a reputation of dating lovelessly”

  1. dont let boys define you. i just learned in the past two months that i used to strive for their attention, which is why i was so depressed the last four years. it didnt take me until now, with the help of my boyfriend, to realize that i was like that, and that all i need is one boy to make me happy. find that one guy, that will make you finally feel complete. it feels amazing :] i’ve never been so happy.

  2. To DARLING – that comment you made is so inspiring. I was so depressed for years and actually i am still. I am getting older and still have no boyfriend. Everyone I know is engaged or married. But you know what…some day I will find someone and I will be happy too.

  3. Responses like this always provoke a sort of frustrated sadness in me. No one should be depressed like this, and it makes me want to do something to change it. Honestly, I think you should focus on finding happiness WITHOUT a boyfriend rather than basing your happiness on being WITH one. You don’t have to wait for a lover to come along so you can feel good, or rely on a significant other to make you happy – you can and should rely on yourself for that. Finding joy within yourself is easier and ultimately more dependable than trying to find it in someone else.

  4. im so glad it did. once you learn that it’s not the quantity of guys, but the quality of one guy, you will be so happy. and yes, dont try to find your happiness in guys, but whe you feel like you want a guy in your life, just do what will make you happy, and satisfied.

  5. i used to think that i need a boyfriend, which caused me to fall for every guy that was nice to me. i fell for a guy i knew for only three weeks, and for the two and a half months we were together, i did anything and everything for him; even if i was totally against it. now that i’m single again, i’ve learned the hard way (since that incident has happened to me many times before) that i don’t ‘need’ a guy to be happy. go with the flow! it’s worked for me and now i have guys all over me 🙂

  6. i feel the same way seomtimes… i have realized very recently that one guy in particular i have feelings for that wont quit. once you find that person, every feeling for other guy fades away.

  7. I’ve been in more than 1 relationship with men I didn’t really fall for, just so I won’t be alone. Now I’m still alone because things didn’t work out…duh. Of course those kind of relationships don’t work out. I heard somewhere that this universe has a lot to give…including love. You just have to believe that its out there waiting for you, and once you believe, it will find you. So I’m taking that route. I believe there is someone out there for me. No more settling and no more just being in a relationship with guys. I’m waiting for my one and only, I’m calling out to the universe to deliver : )

  8. this sounds like my little sister, I worry about her so much. She’s in therapy, but…I just hope she doesn’t end up with some abusive asshole. Or a guy like my dad, which was an abusive asshole and a million other things

  9. i am the same way.. but seriously, how DOES someone like me find happiness in life? i’m not happy unless i’m being loved by a guy.. and even then it doesn’t make me happy, it makes me crazy because i’m always so insecure. i don’t wanna be this desperate, i’m too old for this shit.. but WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?!

    just wanna be happy.

  10. I can relate to what everyone is saying. I grew up with parents that didn’t show love so I still seek it out in relationships. Im an educated woman with a bachelors degree but still I find myself acting foolish. I guess Im filling that void that never got filled.

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