13 thoughts on “Its sad that the nicest thing you ever said to me”

  1. hahahah i know those are the only ones I get. It’s still a nice thing to say I suppose lol

  2. hahaha….ive actually said that to someone and im sure that’s the nicest thing ive ever said to her.

  3. Say something nicer.

    People without compassion miss out on more than they think. You laugh at this girl, but you’re the one I feel sorry for.

  4. for some reason, i can’t let you go. i secretly want to be with you, but i know the chances are slim to none. so i deleted your number out of my phone because this is just getting ridiculous.

  5. I get you ahahah guys always tell me i give the best blowjobs but i wish they said somthing that mattered

  6. I wish my boyfriend would compliment me on sexual things. Sometimes I just think he doesn’t like it

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