69 thoughts on “I’m sick of being nothing but a pretty face”

  1. LOLZ whose idea was it to use bill gates as a rags to riches story? Yes he’s a great person with all his philanthropy and stuff and certainly he’s a genius. But, his full name is William Henry Gates III. I’m pretty sure he started out with his blood tinged more than a little blue.

  2. this is a very optimistic point of view and i totally understand what you’re saying. But the point is that it would incredibly selfish for the rich man to complain that he wasn’t poor (i mean it would be, there’s no way around that).

  3. THANK YOU FLASH. I don’t even consider myself to be super pretty and I still think everything she said was brought on by feeling sorry for her apparent ‘ugly’ self. Stop being jealous and DO SOMETHING ABOUT NOT BEING ‘PRETTY’.

  4. Nanashi,
    Your comments protray you and bulligerant, bullying, opinionated, arrogant, and jealous.
    Furthermore, your arguments are easily countered and fail to accurately respond to anything the poster is trying to say.
    We get it, you’re mad because you’re ugly. Stop complainging, hit the gym, buy some eyeliner, and do yourself a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  5. Also, Nanashi, if you put as much effort into making yourself look better as you do into arguing with people you don’t know on the internet and tearing someone down for wanting something in their life to change, then maybe you wouldn’t be as ugly as you are.
    Physically, anyway. You still seem like a bitch to me 😀

  6. I know what she means. I hid in the ugliest clothes I could find because I knew I was pretty and didn’t want to be. Luckily, I found my fiance, and he thinks I’m beautiful no matter how I portray myself. I can admit that I am pretty, although for years I didn’t see myself that way. The whole reason I hid was because I didn’t want to be wanted because I was a size D as a freshman. I wanted to be wanted for who I was as a person. When you look attractive, you get the attention and the opportunities, but you can’t fight fair even if you try or want to. Like everything, it’s a blessing and a curse.

  7. Steps to being treated like your more than a pretty face…
    1. Don’t post pictures of your boobs. It makes you look like an object to be used by people. Seriously.

    You control how others percieve you by your own actions and self-conception. I know several girls that are beautiful and pursued by countless guys, but in the end they are known as wholesome, intelligent people around school. They dress and behave in a manner that makes their wonderful personalities the center. People should stop whining and feeling controlled by their genetic pre-determined looks and take control. Your self-determined environment counts for fifty percent. You control who you are. So stop posting the boob shots and grow into the person you think you are already. Fuck the people that objectify you.

  8. If it helps, I think you look like a normal middle school student. Not ugly or a venus, just normal. For goodness stake, your wearing braces.

  9. I have felt the same way. The key to this is to find better friends. I became friends with people that could see past my face. And the ones that couldn’t I ignored.
    I hope that someday everyone who has thought that will “bond.”

  10. If you think about it, what do “beautiful” and “pretty” and “ugly” really mean?
    Maybe you have to think about it a lot…
    But it starts to seem pointless.

  11. okay can people stop being assholes and calling her ugly please?
    sjes a cute girl but hon mabey your oer dramatizing a bit…

  12. everyone told me i was beautiful so i became a model, but the only thing i find atractive about myself is my eyes, i just wish people would see me for my oersonality and not my big assets and pretty face

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