56 thoughts on “I’m ready to come home.”

  1. I can’t even imagine doing what you’re doing but I admire you greatly for doing it. GREATLY. It is such a brave thing to leave your family and friends and your home to go someplace completely unfamiliar. Like I said I cannot even imagine but I wanted to say thank you. You guys are my hero.

  2. You’re a PFC who hasn’t even been down range long enough to earn a combat patch.

    If you even went there at all.

    You signed up for war, just like the rest of us.

    Stop preying on your country’s love of soldiers. Don’t attempt to garner respect you have not yet earned.

    So quit whining, put your damn kit on, and get to it.

  3. im not that into airforce guys.. marine through and through… but thank you dude you are one of my heroes because you have helped save my life even through it was very unintentional

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