20 thoughts on “I’m not afraid to tell my mom I’m bisexual”

  1. Way cool! I’m bi too and I wish I could find the courage to share with my family. I am an adult and still afraid of their judgement.

  2. Awwe I told my parents that I was bisexual 3 years ago and there still mad at me to this day 🙁

  3. i was scared shitless to tell them, but they took it well.
    once you tell them, they will learn to “cope”.
    be strong

  4. who gives a fuck fah real. its not about what your parents think its about how you feel and they should just except you for who you are. if they really truly love you they would do that.

  5. I was scared to tell my family. I told my immediate family, the majority said they already new and were waiting for me to be comfortable with myself. There were the few who at first were mean and disowned but they came around once they realized I was the same person. The slim few who didn’t, weren’t worth being upset over.

    Once you love who you are it won’t matter if they judge you, because once you love yourself and are confident in who you are, the people who matter will be the ones who support you in life no matter who you choose to love.

  6. Damn -.- my dad hates it so much he uses it as an excuse to never let me hang out with anyone cuz he “obviously cant just [me] with anyone, seeing as I like both genders” hopfully they will get used to it =] good luck Hun

  7. I told my mom when i was in high school. She kinda snorted like she didn’t believe me. She knows I am and accepts it, but she doesn’t think you can like both genders- just one or the other. I just recentley found out that my step-dad hates gays. I found out when he said something rude infront of my gay best friend. I knew there was a reason i hated him.

  8. Made me smile. 🙂

    I’m straight but respect all sexualities with all my heart.

    Also, I’m from India.

  9. My sister told my family about her a few years ago, now. They keep telling me to try to convince her otherwise, since I’m the only one she will listen on the subject… They just don’t know it is because I’m the only one in the family who admittedly share this preference. The amount of trouble they give to her about it is enough to realize I just can’t tell them. Or I’ll lose even the ‘right’ to defend her when they come up with the stuff they do.

  10. ahw. im bisexual too&&my parents found out but i dont really know how. All of my friends know and they dont care so you shouldnt be afraid to tell.

  11. I was kinda worried to come out as Bi-sexual to my mom, but I found out that she had a girl-friend in college! Now I’m no worried, just waiting for the right time.

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