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  1. I know how you feel! It’s like a weight is lifted when you actually tell that person! Like right now…….James….I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU!

  2. i feel the same way,i have tried to deny my feelings but i kno that i still love him no matter where he is and he will never kno

  3. i feel the same way, he’s the only guy i’ve been extremely interested in,but so much is in risk if i tell him how i feel. So for three years i’ve been botttled up. To the point that it ACTUALLY HURTS, yes i’ve experienced actual heartache. I love him and he’ll never know.

  4. i once told a really good friend of mine how i felt, i haven’t talked to him since. i killed my relationship with him by telling him, but you know what i don’t regret it for a second, because i took the risk and at least i don’t have to wonder if it could have been. you have nothing to lose by telling, and if he is good enough for you then you will make it past that even if he doesn’t feel the same.

  5. Tell him. I told him. I was terrified of rejection and was heartbroken when he didn’t feel the same. But a few weeks and my persistance got us together and we are 9 months strong now. I love him more than anything in the world.

  6. I told a guy one of my best friends I was crazy about him. We got close, then distant, and closer than ever! Even though we did not have the titles we have the relationship and that’s all that matters.

    Tell him! You have absolutely nothing to loose! If he doesn’t bite the bait, go to a new lake, there are a lot of them in the world. 🙂

  7. the only guy i have had a crush on for the past year committed suicide last thurs and i never got to tell him…thats gunna be with me forever.

  8. possibly. i dream that one day he’ll turn to me and smile and say, “god, i never realized how amazing you are, how you were always there, how you were willing to stand by me when i was in trouble and i hurt. but now, i do. i really, really do.”

    i know that if i tell him how i’ll feel, though, he’ll probably never talk to me again. and then i’ll lose my chance forever, and he’ll never hug me again or hold me when i cry.

  9. :'( Makes me want to cry……. I think about this almost everyday. Will there ever be anyone who can take your place?? Although I’ve decided that I will never tell you how I feel, I sometimes think I should so maybe it will help me move on, and maybe meet some1 new….

  10. girl that sits in front of my in my research methods for psychology class: i think about you too many hours everyday and i’ve talked to you like twice. you should ask me out because i don’t think i’ll ask you out in the two weeks until the semester is over.

  11. The same thing happened to me Ciara. I am in love with a man who is so much older than me and the capacity in which we met each other is not one that society deems “normal” for forming a relationship. Telling him could have meant total humiliation, becoming a social outcast, being disliked by my friends and family and worst of all – him! But, I told him anyways -basically I was scared to death to tell him, but I was also scared to death not to. So I did. Result: best decision of my life. Even though at the moment we’re not technically a couple, I still love him more than anything and i think that he may be on his way to loving me and I think that every moment we spend together is more precious than anything!

  12. you should ask me to coffee because otherwise i’ll never know who you are. and we might never have a class together again, ever.

    you have nothing to lose.

  13. wow i guess that most every person has been where you have been but if you really like somebody then you should tell them. I think i am learning that about myself as well.

  14. I told him and almost lost him too. I think because I didn’t lose him now can only mean I will lose him later. So is sooner really better than later?

  15. I’ve never worked up the courage to tell a guy that I liked him. Somehow, I know I’ll be brave enough to tell this one.

  16. Me too. :o) And you know the funny thing? I barely even think about the other one anymore!

  17. i have to tell one of my friends how much im in love with him.
    im putting it off because i know he dosent love me back…

  18. It’s never too late.
    Do it, you may be surprised at the results.

    But, if you decide not to, you will love again and someone will love you.
    You don’t get one shot at it.
    Just let them know next time.

  19. im in the same boat. i am really in lust or love cant really tell with this guy.hes my total opposite but i want him and i need him hes like my drug i cant get enough of him if i know hes around i have to see him if i see him i have to talk to him.its sad.he always told me how he felt about him but i could never tell him because i was scared i would lose him and i would go numb(its happened before with him).he finally got a girlfriend told me we never happened because i never said how i felt about him.but it was to hard for me to put into sentences.but when we talked i told him everything how i felt even thought it was to late and he cheated on his girlfriend with me.but i still care about him more than anything and i have to walk around like i dont which is the worst part.

  20. I wish I would had told Nickelynn Withers how I felt. She was the first girl crush I ever had, and regret not telling her all those years I went to school with her.

  21. I know what you mean. I just can’t tell him that I like him, even though I think he may like me back 🙁

  22. i know… he’s never gonna know because i cant tell him, is it worse to be rejected and have tried or to not try at all and live in a lopsided friendship?

  23. DO it. I did and even though it didn’t turn out how I would have wished… we have an understanding that in the future there is a possibility, and he loves me in return.

  24. So I lost him later. Knew it. I told him he hesitated, so I let him know I could not stay in a relationship with a man that could not tell me he loved me. Of course he told me to stay, that he would be able to tell me he felt the same, it was just hard for him. Well that just started the lies. Be upfront with the one you love and if they are not giving it back in the way that you need them to LEAVE! Don’t waste anymore of your time. I put myself through hell and have yet to recover. It’s almost been 9 months 🙁

  25. I told him how I felt and then pushed him away when he said he would cheat on his girlfriend with me. Best thing I ever did, even if I miss him every single day. He was my best friend for over six years of my life, and now I’m moving on. He was verbally abusive and a downright arse to me, and I let him keep it up for all that time. His girlfriend still has no idea.

  26. well that’s kind of silly.
    if you tell him, and lose him what’s the difference if you never had him in the first place because you were too scraed.
    if it’s really been that long and taken that much out of you, what’s the difference if you tell him and get rejected or not tell him and never have a chance.

  27. We love pain. I know I do. Otherwise we would move on and attract love in a healthy way. Some of us don’t love ourselves and don’t think we deserve love. So we fall in love with people we can not have.

  28. I know exactly how this feels. I’m lonely too and I’m afraid I’m going to be lonely all of My life.

  29. I know! It’s so hard but you only live once and you have to love yourself enough to tell yourself you are worth knowing. Now if only I could take my own advice

    John, I love you.

  30. I know! It’s so hard but you only live once and you have to love yourself enough to tell yourself that it is worth knowing. Now if only I could take my own advice

    John, I love you.

  31. I feel the same exact way. I have been in love with this guy from my high school class for two years and I am afraid to tell him how I feel because I don’t know if he feels the same way. Should I just take a chance?

  32. He used to be open. He knows how I feel but stays away. Ignores me. We don’t trust each other any more. I say mean sarcastic things. He sensitive. Now scared. So he runs from me. Hurts me. I left him. I feel better now that I’m away. But I miss his friendship. We were such great friends. Love fucks up everything.

  33. Well, I told a guy how I feel about him, and it turned out he felt the same way, starting today we will be starting our relationship, it may be long-distance and I hope it works out for the best but so far, I’m happy I told him.

  34. Tell him/her. Just do. I am in a great marriage with a great guy, but I never told the love of my life I loved him. My heart still breaks when I think back to the time when I heard he loved me back, but was afraid to tell me too. I can’t help wondering what life would have been like if we had only been braver. And every time I wonder about that, I feel like I am cheating on my husband… All of us deserve better!

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