46 thoughts on “If, in order to look like this, I would have to have my foot amputated…”

  1. What is physical beauty if you are an ugly person from the inside? Beauty lies within yourself. Be a beautiful person from the inside and you will be even more beautiful than this girl. Ways to be beautiful: 1) Respect yourself and your body in every way possible 2) Dont let guys take advantage…ever. No a**hole deserves a beautiful girl. 3)have faith and confidence

  2. I don’t see how wanting to be beautiful so others may want to approach you makes you an ugly person. Gotta love the irony in the person above’s comment posting with the name ‘Aphrodite’.

  3. I never stated that “wanting to be beautiful so others want to approach you makes you an ugly person”… I defined physical and inner beauty and ways to become beautiful. Ohhh and I’m glad the ironic name i use amuses you 🙂

  4. No matter how many people tell me I’m pretty, I still agree with that poster. Pretty on the inside, or conventionally pretty on the outside, nothing beats looking in a way you find really attractive. I think she’s pretty. I would give any named appendage to find myself pretty. Ipso Facto, I would give any appendage to look like her. I’m with the poster on this one, all the way.

  5. She’s got makeup on, and perfect lighting.

    Imagine her cheeks a little less rosy, her skin a little less unnaturally even. Her hair in disarray and not subjected to conditioner, her eyelashes void of mascara.

    She’s normal, too.

  6. don’t forget the typical few pimples or spots airbrushed away…

    you will always be beautiful, my dear, if you hold yourself like you are. forget about the inner beauty thing, however important it is to recognize, because you will always look beautiful if you think you’re beautiful–you’ll come off as confident.

    no need to get rid of a perfectly good foot.

  7. I think she needs to eat a sandwich.
    You’re beautiful. She’s plastic.
    Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  8. i have been told every day of my life how extremley beautiful and ‘doll’ like i look and i hate it. i take pills like candy to dull the pain of how much i hate myself and how ugly i really am. i think it is punishment i am still alive. the latest ugly thing i’ve done? i think i deliberatley provoked a seperation with my husband so i could sleep with a much much younger 21 year old co-worker who i drove totally crazy just because i felt like it. i cheated on my husband with some guy i didnt even like that much. i just wanted to do it because i am selfish and horrible. my husband doesnt know, and i will go to my grave denying it, but he is divorcing me anyway. my heart is broken in a million pieces and all i do is spew more hateful and venomous things at him just so he will pay attention to me. and at the same time, as i cry myself to sleep every night because i miss him so much, i slept with the 21 year old guy again. who no joke hates me and thinks i’m crazy but just had to do me one more time. in addition, in the past week, in between fistfuls of various pills to numb and forget, i have been secretly having phone and internet sex with one of his best friends, who i havent even met in person. and who i had full intentions of spending a secret sex filled crazy weekend with. but it seems like he’s backing off. probably decided that despite how ‘hot’ i am, i am too crazy for him too. ironically, despite what it sounds like, i really am not this skanky sleazy looking person. ilook perfect on the outside. well dressed, well groomed, well spoken, well educated, and apparently really good at hiding the real me until now. i guess ‘use me because i hate myself’ or ‘use me because it makes me feel alive for a moment’ are now my mottos. physical beauty is absolutley nothing when the insides are a mess. strange and conceited as it sounds, it is a curse and has made my life hell. and the most horrible thing of all is that if i wasnt beautiful, i probably would hate myself more.

  9. honestly, i think you need to realize how much simpler life could be. if you really hate yourself to such an extremity, why don’t you change things for the better? that doesn’t mean try to get things back, but numbing yourself from life because of your own mistakes is just self pitying. stop playing the victim, things are easier if you don’t.

  10. i am not bragging but i have allmost the same looks as the girl in the picture but i have tanned skin. lets just say im really pritty because i got into modeling school, i also have a disability so i limp….. i would be the uglyest person in the world if i could just walk normally. Trust me its not worth it

  11. Talk to a therapist and you may discover why you hate yourself.
    There is no need to continue to suffer.
    I wish you well for the rest of your life.

  12. If it were me i would have done the same thing. literally.
    And i still would. I stopped eating to look like her. i threw up everything to look like her. I gave up water so my skin would suck to my bones like hers. But in the end……

    its just never perfect

  13. If you really want to look like that, work towards finding a way to. Cutting your foot off seems rather unproductive.

  14. I look similar to the girl in this picture except I`m blond, I hate myself even though im beautiful’ i was ugly until i was in my twenties couldnt even get a date, Life is hard being good looking it was easier ugly, I cant get work if a female interviews me, no one takes me seriously because they think I`m a ditz. I attract meathead cheating assholes, I wish I was blind maybe people would feel bad and be nice to me for having a handicap, another thing people automatically think Im a bitch before they even know me when Im super humble. I hate it. Do not wish your beautiful you will hate yourself and your life. It just looks good on the outside.

  15. “You should learn basic grammar instead.”
    And with one line Linahh shows us all whats wrong with forums on the internet. Someone reaches out with a honest heartfelt truth about themselves and gets bullied by this grammar nazi, you should be ashamed of yourself. Next time someone is being mean to you remember that you’re no different from them.

  16. she is beautiful.. but i guarantee you are just as beautiful to many people and you don’t even know it 🙂

  17. Being beautiful has it’s downfalls too. If you didn’t have a foot, you couldn’t escape criticizing eyes, but if you were drop-dead-gorgeous and didn’t have a foot, people would criticize you ten-fold. Perfection is expected from beautiful people. The fact that you want to be one only proves that you think as soon as you do, you will be perfect. But you will still be you on the inside, love. Don’t strive to be something you aren’t. Love what you are. It’s SO hard to do and probably completely Impossible sometimes, but the sooner you Accept who you are and what you look like and take care of yourself and worry about yourself mentally, the sooner you’ll be on the road to happiness. People accept you more readily when you’ve accepted yourself. If you do that, you’ll be envied more than people who are “beautiful”
    We all love and support you and wish you the best!

  18. everyone has their own personification as beautiful, although you think this lady is beautiful, someone will come along, and think YOU are GORGEOUS

  19. Let me tell you a story. I started seeing my girlfriend a year and a half ago. I only asked her out because I thought she was unattractive enough to say yes. When I look at her now, I could swear to God that she is the most beautiful girl in the world.
    Beauty comes from the inside. Don’t punish yourself because people can’t see it.

  20. I would give anything to look beautiful… it’s no fun to be with a guy who is embarassed to be seen with you in public…a mother who tells you that you aren’t pretty without make-up on… If I could be pretty enough I would give my whole arm…and a leg.

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