9 thoughts on “I will never be as beautiful as her”

  1. You’re joking right? Unless you think you’re uglier than a clown, then honey you’re in the clear! I honestly enlarged the picture to make sure I was seeing the whole image correctly. Physical ugliness is totally mental—tell yourself you’re beautiful and you will begin to see your beauty. Good luck!

  2. I think they meant that they were the most beautiful person, inside.
    Outer beauty is nothing.

  3. This is my secret too…
    My husbands ex (who was his first and he proposed to) is prettier and everyone absoluetly loves her. I fear that he thinks of her when we have sex. I hate her.

  4. how do you know this person isn’t commenting on inner beauty of a family member for example? I don’t think you really thought about this comment before posting.

  5. i LOVE this. I hope with all of my heart that it’s about inner beauty. I hope that the person in this post isn’t supposed to symbolize you and I hope you didn’t scribble out her face in anger, but even if you did, you opened up a new kind of thought for me. THANK you!! 🙂

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