165 thoughts on “i want to have a lesbian experience”

  1. Hey there,
    I’m a married 31 year old also looking for my first lesbian experience, my husband is aware and totally fine with it! Based in London, any advice ladies?

  2. Guys im 18 i live in toronto ontario canada. Anyone who lives around this area let me know ive always wanted to try this out!! Loke really badly!!!

  3. Hi all, I’m 22 brunette, v small boobs but I think my bums not to bad lol, I’ve been thinking about how to enjoy a first time, no strings attached girl on girl session but never actually looked into it. Anybody from the uk? 🙂

  4. Hi, I’m mix race very curvy, I’m looking for some girl on girl action. I live in the London area. If your interested email me x

  5. I am 49 happily married very active sex life and never had an affair. I am constantly thinking of having sex with another female. I did when I was younger and before I was married touch another girl but was very young and still at school and was very into boy then so never took it anywhere. I constantly watch lesbian porn and masturbate obviously my husband is completely unaware. I am actually aroused writing this. I’m not sure if there is something wrong with me or is it just a fantasy I have became obsessed with? Please I need help and advise. I constantly look at other females pussy area when I’m out and even went to get a bikini wax stripped naked hoping the women would even finger me.

  6. Hi Jane ,

    You are getting me aroused reading your add, I am in the same situation really , happily married active sex life , but I have never been with women and I would love to experience it . I would like to give you finger and maybe more !!!

  7. Im a 29 year old girl slim build like to take care of myself. In a long term relationship with my man but have always fantised about a lesbian experience, I have a great sex life but love to watch lesbian porn and always imagine its me getting to do all those things. Im very open minded and defo a bum person!! Looking for someone likeminded and up for some girl on girl fun. Only into girly girls, in Scotland.

  8. Im 18 yrs old im straight never had a lesbian experience abd want to im a 36 C cup and have big nips lol

  9. Hello Jane

    I have juct come reading your post, I feel very much the same and really don’t know what to do and how to feel ?

  10. Hello Jane,

    I have just cum reading your post.
    I feel exactly the same, just don’t know what to do….

  11. Hello…I was really surprised to find so many women who feel like I do! My husband found out a while back and made me feel extremely awful about it. But I’m not a bad person, females just turn me on!

  12. I am 40 yrs old, happily married for a long time and want to have a bi-curious affair. My husband is aware and has no problem with this. I want to have a time to fully enjoy sucking nipples and try French kissing and 69’s. I know I love this with males but only get excited thinking about it with females since I’ve never had the chance to try with a female. If interested and in the area, let me know.

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